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STGCC has unlocked opportunities for this Singapore based Malaysian artist

08 September, 2012 by

We spotted Ziqi again this year at Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention 2012. A long time visitor himself and the winner of last year’s Art Concours Competition, winning the contest and exhibiting at STGCC 2011 seems to had opened new opportunities for the designer. Ziqi answers a few questions for us.

Ziqi at STGCC 2012.

Q. Hi. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m Ziqi, a Malaysian artist based in Singapore. Currently, I have a day job as a digital producer, but at other times I am an artist!

I love to draw and create. And I especially love characters and have been creating them since my university days.

Q. How did you start off as an artist?
This goes way back to when I was a kid. When I was little I had always loved and enjoyed drawing and watching cartoons. But in-between I almost didn’t continue my passion, as drawing was considered a career that can’t earn much and also one that’s not respected so I was kind of lead to learn something else (Engineering).

Luckily, though through one big round, I finally gone back to my passion and studied multimedia. Which help me achieved what I have today.

Ziqi’s iconic QiQi character.

Q. Tell us a little about your art style.
As you can see, my artworks are mostly Japanese influenced. You can say that they are mainly simple, cute, innocent and with an element of fun.

Q. Could you mention any other artists that have influenced your art style?
I don’t really have specific artists that I admire or are influenced by because if there are, there would be lots of them. Most of the time I would look at their artworks first before I check which artist did them. To me, I have to love their artworks first before I can admire and get influenced by them.

Personally, I’ve loved toys, cartoons and drawing since I was a kid and the passion is still there and getting stronger. I also love art which I think started during my university days due to influence by lecturers, friends and events around.

To me, art is something that can give me lots of different feelings like happiness, inspiration, relaxation and many more. It’s also a unique median to express your feelings and idea with the people around. That’s why I love art so much as it allows me to express mine in my own unique way.

The piece that won last year’s contest.

Q. I understand that you had won the Art Concours Competition during last year’s STGCC?
I have attended STGCC since it first started and would had love to be more involved in it. When I saw that there was a competition which allowed me to be part of this event, I entered it straight away!

Actually I was very nervous and excited during the wait for the results. When I saw that I won, I was really really overjoyed and honored!

Being there was great! With so many great artists, fans, toys and events happening, I was overwhelmed, but couldn’t get enough of it. That’s why I am back again this year.

Q. Did exhibiting at STGCC 2011 change anything?
Yes, it definitely did. Other than more exposure, I got to meet lots of new friends, both artists and fans.

I think being there gives you another kind of inspiration and determination to do more comparison rather than working on my artworks mostly alone.

If you are an artist or want to be one, go explore around to see artworks and toys of other artists. The more you are exposed to, the more ideas you will have. Do also look around at the people and environment around you. You never know what will tinkle your inspiration senses. That’s how I got mine. Anything can give you inspiration if you look at them using your own unique view.


Q. What do you hope to achieve at this year’s STGCC?
My mission is very simple. I would love to have more people see my artworks and hopefully enjoy and love them and become my new fans. Plus it’s also a place to meet my existing fans and to show them more of my new artworks.

I am looking forward to see more artists locally and internationally and hopefully become friends and get them to draw on my toys. I would also love to get some of theirs too!

Q. Thanks for answering all of our questions. To end it all would you share with us some of your short or long term goals and aspirations?
My short term goal is to be able to become a full-time artist and produce more toys and other products. Plus most importantly visit Japan! Although I am influenced by Japan, I have never set foot there. So this is a must.

As for my long term goal, I plan to draw on large canvas and have an art gallery of my very own with paintings, sculptures and toys. I also hope to have my artworks and products spread all around the world and be able to travel there to see them.


To help further Ziqi’s goal of spreading recognition of his works, we’ll be sending readers some of his original postcards and badges free. We have 3 sets of 5 Ziqi postcards (featuring the works shown here and more) and badge to give away to 3 random readers. To mark your interest,drop us a message or leave us a comment over at this post at our Facebook page and hopefully Ziqi’s page over here. You can also visit the MonsterLittle site to view some of his other works.

Homemade buttons by Ziqi.


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