Zakimi Castle

The Beauty in Ruins

13 May, 2013 by

You cannot leave Okinawa until you’ve visited one of the island’s UNESCO World Heritage sites from the Ryukyu Kingdom. There are several throughout the island and the Zakimi Castle ruins is one of them.

Zakimi Castle ruins

The beauty in ruins.

Located on top of a hill, it dates back to the 15th century and was declared as a World Heritage site in 2000. Within the past decades, the castle also played a role during World War II and the subsequent US occupation of Okinawa.

Zakimi Castle ruins

An intimate look at the walls that made up a castle.

It’s a picturesque place and the surrounding park around the national historic site gives you a sense of traveling back into time, without much signs of modernity in sight.

Zakimi Castle Ruins

The surrounding park gives an added sense of serenity.

While it is interesting to visit a fully restored and reconstructed castle, such as the ever popular Shuri Castle, visiting a castle ruins like Zakimi can give you a closer look at the masonry work of the people of the Ryukyu Kingdom and also a deeper sense of authenticity.

Zakimi Castle Ruins

Breathtaking view from the top.

The Yomitan Village History and Folklore Museum is also nearby the site if you’d like to soak in more history and culture.

Zakimi Castle
2975, Zakimi,Yomitan-Village, Okinawa

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