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Not your average drag queens

19 August, 2010 by

Since their debut into Japan’s music scene in 2008, Yazima Beauty Salon (矢島美容室 ) have been drawing quite a bit of attention with their unusual setup. You’re not seeing it wrong, the group consists of three already well known celebrities who underwent a major makeover to present their new sound. Here’s a fair warning. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of cross-dressing and drag queens, do not continue reading this article. More adventurous viewers, will want to press on while I try delighting you with some interesting information about this unique group.

Yazima Beauty Salon.

Performing under the Avex group label, Yazima Beauty Salon is a Japanese vocal group consisting of DJ Ozma and Tunnels, a Owarai comedy group. Dressing up in their drag queen form, they depict themselves as a fictional group of young women they apparently talent scouted in Las Vegas.

If you’re new to this group, you’re probably curious who exactly these 3 bold men are that are willing to attempt going drag for the sake of entertainment. I’ll introduce the stars without further ado.

The Yazima Family:

Margaret Camellia Yazima (36 years old). Margaret was a nude dancer in Las Vegas. She’s been dancing since she was 19, up until she was discovered by DJ Ozma and the Tunnels. Margaret is the mother of the other two girls. She is portrayed by Kinashi Noritake (木梨憲武) from the Tunnels.

Naomi Camellia Yazima (18 years old). She is the blond elder daughter of Margaret. Naomi (reluctantly) worked with her mother as a dancer before they were discovered. In reality, Naomi is actually Ozumano Sumitada (尾妻野純直), better known as DJ Ozma.

Strawberry Camellia Yazima (12 years old). Most noticeable from her afro hair do, Strawberry is the youngest member of the Yazima family. Due to her age, she hasn’t quite filled out yet. Strawberry is played by Tunnel’s Takaaki Ishibashi (石橋貴明).

Margaret Camellia Yazima.

Naomi Camellia Yazima.

Strawberry Camellia Yazima.

With 5 singles and an album currently under their belt, Yazima Beauty Salon are enjoying considerable success within the fickle Japanese music industry. Their CD sales have made it into the top 10 ranking on the Oricon charts. Interestingly some of their songs are also often requested at karaoke parlors.

To understand the drawing point of this strange trio of vocalists, the best thing to do is to just watch one of their PVs and enjoy the visual explosion of humorous actions they present. Other than their bold makeup, glaring costumes and funky makeup, each of the Yazima members have a set of unique facial expressions and exaggerated actions that will leave an imprint in your mind. Even without the visual splendor of their PVs, Yazima Beauty Salon actually produces a number of catchy tunes that I believe most people will enjoy listening to (in fact, sometimes I ponder if they might attract more people to listen to their songs, without all the gimmicks).

I’ve attached some videos and pictures so you can get a feel on how Yazima Beauty Salon works.

“Nihon no Mikata -Nevada Kara Kimashita-“

Yazima Beauty Salon's debut performance in Music Station.

“Idol Mitai ni Utawasete” feat. Princess Seiko (Matsuda Seiko)

Sing with us! And hope you enjoyed our performance!

Yazima Beauty Salon The Movie:

There’s also a film titled Yazima Beauty Salon The Movie: Reaching a Nevada Dream that was released on April 29, 2010. For those who are remotely interested, the film show follows the imaginary history of the band. After winning a talent contest, the three take the opportunity to travel to Japan to find the father of the girls, Margaret’s husband. I haven’t had the chance to watch the movie but I managed to find a trailer of the show so you can decide if it arouses your interest enough to warrant purchasing the future DVD.

Yazima Beauty Salon The Movie: Reaching a Nevada Dream.

Trailer of the Movie

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