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15 February, 2012 by

Japanese rock bands these days are a dime-a-dozen. Many bands fail to be noticed, with no way to distinguish themselves from being one amongst many. In the quest to be noticed and stand out, WEAVER have set themselves apart in a rather peculiar way: they don’t have a guitarist. In a scene dominated by guitar-driven rock, where do these self-proclaimed piano rockers fit in?

As it turns out, in a pretty comfortable position.

Debuting in 2009 with the digital-release Shiro Asa Yume, WEAVER charted in the top 3 on the Recochoku charts for three consecutive singles. In 2010, debut album Tapestry ranked 19th in the Oricon weekly album charts. Not a bad achievement, given that the band only had 3 digital download singles under their belt then.

The band has since had a regular release schedule, having released a few singles as well as 2 albums since then. They’ve also had a song chosen for an au LISMO commercial, as well as being used as the theme song of a movie.

So how does WEAVER compare to other bands, musically? While certainly many mainstream bands do have keyboards, they mostly stay in the background, providing melody and occasionally coming to the forefront should the track require it to. Most bands also use the keyboard to pave the way for a more experimental sound-scape, given their inherent versatility.

WEAVER rejects this, opting for the more organic sound of the piano instead. This results in the band sounding more mellow than their other guitar-powered counterparts.  That is not to say however, that WEAVER is not worth listening to. While some may deplore the lack of punch brought about by the guitar deficiency, it provides a rather refreshing departure from what most consider ‘rock’.

The band will also be visiting Singapore in the midst of their 33-stop Japanese tour. Joined by label-mates Applicat Spectra, WEAVER will be performing for the inaugural J-live event at *Scape. Seeing as it is their first overseas live performance ever, I’m sure many would be excited to see how they do; I know I am.

WEAVER has an official site and more info on J-live Asia can be found on Facebook.

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