An interesting take on an over played genre

22 December, 2009 by

In what is one of 2009’s best dramas, the likeable Eita plays a medical student who is highly empathetic to the dead. Despite applying for a separate course, he gets a personal request to join the forensic seminar. The show follows Eita and his fellow students as they embrace the world of forensic medicine.

To call Voice another forensic crime show would be unfair. While each episode begins with the school performing an autopsy requested by the police department, the results are immediate and the case is settled. Instead, the drama takes a bold direction by choosing to focus on the people affected by the death.

Eita has a breakthrough.

After the introduction of each new scenario, the cast skip school to investigate the person’s death. With lots of scopping (and very little science) they then piece together the final moments of the deceased’s life. In a sudden burst of inspiration (not unlike Yada Akiko’s in My Little Chef), Eita then successfully sees pass the medical explanation and helps convey the true “voice” of the deceased to the family.

Apart from Eita, Voice also stars Ikuta Toma, Ishihara Satomi and Yada Akiko. Johnny’s hearthrob Ikuta serves as Eita’s best friend. The charming actress Ishihara Satomi (who looks like a cross between Maou Inoue and Ueto Aya) plays their uptight classmate, and the now vetaran Yada Akiko acts as their stern assistant professor.

They make a nice couple.

Ikuta’s infatuation for Yada Akiko is brought up at many times and the story continually hints toward the mutual attraction between Eita and Ishihara. Though the show choses to forgo any romantic development, the chemistry of the characters can still be felt strongly. It is endearing to see quirky relationship between the characters played by Eita and Ishihara. Eita often has fun at the expense of Ishihara’s serious personality and I found myself smiling during some of the show’s more lighthearted scenes.


The show does well to stick to the story and each episode tells a moving tale. The group cannot help but be affected themselves by the troubles of the deceased. By helping the families move on, they take away with them life changing experiences. Viewers too are presented with stories that highlight human compassion.

The group reflect the end of another mystery.

While Voice doesn’t feature a powerhouse cast, the drama manages to provide a fresh take on the medical mystery genre while presenting an emotional story that managed to move me to tears on many ocassions. If there is one drama from recent times that I would recommend watching, it would definitely be this underrated show.


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