Tokyo Winter 2008 Day 5

13 January, 2008 by

Day 5, first night in “KS house” hostel. Shared the room with 4 “ABC” dudes traveling together, really weird accents. One of them kept saying “Ozawa! Ozawa!” when we got back to the room last night. Annoying as hell. Didn’t really talk to them much..

Got up and bought some food from the 7-11 nearby

Heated coffee drink, the can was really hot to hold for long.

Passed by some sort of toy museum nearby.

Gate to Asakusa shrine. It was packed with people, seems like some kind of holiday.

Rows of stalls selling food, souvenirs, toys, etc.

Rice stick, it was coated with some sweetish, salty, dried-up sauce. Crunchy on the outside and soft inside.

Swords for sale everywhere.

Cute doggie toys!

And then we passed by a building, lots of girls where wearing kimonos.

It was Seijin No Hi day. (Coming of age) National holiday dedicated to those who reached 20 years old. Ladies wear a kimono and guys wear a business suit. Who cares about guys anyway? Not the camera.

Not every Japanese girl is pretty like what you see in the movies folks. Sorry.

Nice hair.

They don

Pink dreadlocks.

Hanging around the building, waiting for the ceremony to start.

Take a picture of us!

Even though i don't know how to speak Japanese I could have helped you.

Lunchtime at a whale meat restaurant!

Whale steak set.

Whale meat sashimi.

Whale steak, tastes like beef and pork combined. It

Deep fried whale meat with rice.

Whale meat products for sale at the main lobby of the restaurant.

Passed by the ceremony building again, this time, a friendly group of girls posed for the camera when i walked in front of them. At times like this, i wished i knew how to speak Japanese.

Street vendor.

Charms and trinkets for sale.

Mini lanterns.

Temporary food stall.

Octopus balls.

Seafood roasted on the spot.

Making dried cuttlefish.

Entering the main temple.

Tons of tourists trying to smoke themselves. No idea why.

Super packed main temple.

Traditional Japanese wedding procession.

Probably the relatives of the couple.

The girl and her performing monkey. It was really cute and could mimic most human actions, like posing as a fighter, but it happened before I could take it

Walking on stilts.

An even higher one.

See that block over there?

Acting blur.

So many weird people looking at me!


Thank you!!

More mini lanterns.

We love Tokyo.

Keychain dolls.

Took the train to Akihabara. Japan has women-only carriages during rush hour due to high groping rate.

Electric town Akihabara. Whole department stores devoted to selling games, electronics, manga, videos, etc. And er.. porn.

Maid costume for sale.

Poster for maid cafes. Akihabara is home to many maid cafes, where waitress dress up as French maids and greet you as master when you eat at the cafe.

Cosplay heaven.

More costumes.

Costume section in a department store.

Anything that you can dream of is in here.

Akihabara 48 theater, some girl band consisting of 48 members.

Crazed AKB fans would probably kill to get their hand on this.

Creepy AKB fans dancing to the live video outside the theater, tickets were probably sold out.


Concert DVDs.

Missed the shot. Photography is prohibited in maid cafes, but who cares?

Canned Oden from a vending machine.

Fish cakes and various yongtaufoo-ish ingredients inside a can of hot soup.

Still hungry, bought some octopus balls.

Main dinner at a Okonomiyaki restaurant.

Pan-fried batter cake and various ingredients. Mine had pork and Yan's had seafood. Super yummy and filling.

Greenish lights leading to the JR train line back to the hostel. JR translates to Japan Railways.

Just a random poster at the train station. Maybe the bear was too cute.

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Long live film.