Tokyo Winter 2008 Day 3

11 January, 2008 by

Day 3, getting up was difficult as usual, and the weather was colder than usual, it actually rained. One of the coldest days ever.

Weather was too cold and rainy, and i forgot my camera bag, so we took shelter in a McDonald’s nearby.

We had no idea how to order, but the staff were really nice and tried to speak English to us. The burger in the picture tasted exactly like sausage MCmuffin in Singapore. Except that the bun is sweet, it had red bean filling. Nice.

Had a sandwich from Lawson's convenience store. 285 yen.

Train timetable. It says "aliens go home".

Shinjuku station.

Reached Yokohama after a long train journey. There seems to be people everywhere you walk in Tokyo. Not surprising, since Tokyo has a population of 12 million, 33 million if you consider the suburbs.

Yokohama, lunch hour, places are packed and people are so busy that they eat standing up, and in the cold rain.

Although you can't see it, the fork is suspended in midair.

Live jazz in a shopping mall.

Train tickets.

Ramen museum.

Various machines on display.

Cutesy teapots for sale.

Pre-made soup base, made by famous ramen houses.

These eggs are really special. And expensive. They have a liquid-ish yolk inside.

Various ramen.

The interior of the museum was really retro.

I thought i was in 1920s Japan.

Toy stall.

The celling was really cool, reddish and doomsday-like.

Retro scooter.

Mine, the cha-shu, or char siew, rawks.

Yan's, the soup was one of the best. The red stuff is some secret chili recipe.

Couldn't resist trying the eggs.

An acquired taste.

That evening, we reached China.

Well, Chinatown.

After being illiterate for so long, everything was familiar again. It was kinda weird too, when we passed by shops, staff would beckon to us in Japanese, and then switch back to Mandarin after we walked passed.

Train to Cosmo World. Super futuristic station.

The ferris wheel at Cosmo World. We braved rain and cold wind and sub-zero temperatures to take this shot. It was probably 0 degrees or lower.

Christmas tree.

Lots of fun rides. But nobody was on them, too cold i guess.

Hot canned drinks are such a great invention. You can grab them to warm your hands too.

The lighting outside Queen's Square.

Broken Japanese English.

Really nice lighting.

Streets of Yokohama.

The only shot of us together.

KatsuDon dinner at Queen's Square, the waitress who served us was really nice and cute, and according to Yan, she looked like Sora Aoi, not that i know who that is, ahem. Too bad, no pic. She taught us how to eat the raw egg, by stirring it into the salad thingy. She made a"Buru buru buru" sound and a stirring action. Funny.

We ordered extra fatty meat. What's the point of life without artery clogging lard?

Green tea Mochi for dessert.

All sorts of weird arcade games, this one was a music game. You had to time the tweezer carefully, to pluck the hairs from the guy's face as it grows out.

Well I guess that’s all for day 3, coldest day in my life. But maybe I am just a frog in the well who hasn’t experienced even colder weather, like snow.

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Long live film.