Tokyo Girls’ Style

Avex’s new dance and vocal unit

29 October, 2011 by

Tokyo Joshiryuu (東京女子流) aka Tokyo Girls’ Style is a 5 member “dance and vocal” group that debut last year. Produced by Avex Trax, the group is generally regarded as the second (or third) coming of SPEED. Following in the footsteps of their predecessors, Toko Girl’s Style churn out catchy, R&B inspired pop tunes and impactful dance moves, despite their young age.

Tokyo Girls’ Style consists of Arai Hitomi, Konishi Ayano, Shoji Mei, Nakae Yuri and Yamabe Miyu. Arai (13) who goes by the nickname Hiichan is the group’s cover face and center. As the oldest member of the group, Yamabe Miyu (15) acts as Tokyo Joshiryuu’s leader.

Like SPEED and SweetS, Avex prior (somewhat successful) attempts at conquering the idol market, Tokyo Girls’ Style aren’t exactly idols in the Japanese sense of the world at least. But perhaps it’s the members young age that makes this new iteration seem surprisingly close.

While most of the group’s singles feature a darker image with stylish music videos atypical of Avex Trax impressive production quality, sometimes Tokyo Girls’ Style’s style tends to get confused between the Avex Trax’s norm and the currently more popular sugar pop sounds such as in the case of their second single Onnaji Kimochi (おんなじキモチ).

You would think this attributed to their young age, as group’s members range between 13 and 15. But SPEED had a nearly identical figure when they debut back in the early 90s.

Still you can tell that Tokyo Girls’ Style is mostly on track when it comes to steering away from the usual innocent idol mold. Any cuteness could be attributed to the girl’s own young age, which might be a factor in putting off certain viewers. But the group’s strength as performers cannot be denied.

As apparent from their live performances at the yearly Tokyo Idol Festival, Tokyo Girls’ Style’s young artists boast impressive vocal talents even outside of their recordings, something that puts many of today’s idols to shame. Hopefully, with training they only get better.

Perhaps everyone’s greatest worry lies with Avex Trax itself, the company having a poor track record with producing idols. With the exception of MAX, past acts though successful have had generally short lived.

Tokyo Girls’ Style provides some of the most listenable idol music this side of the globe, we’re going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Below, the members of Tokyo Girls’ Style.

Arai Hitomi.


Yamabe Miyu.


Konishi Ayano.


Shoji Mei.


Nakae Yuri.


Images by Avex Trax.

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