Tokyo Disneyland, FM3A Perspective

The happiest place on earth, seen from film

11 July, 2012 by

Between our various authors, we each have thousands of unused photographs that never see the light of day on Supermerlion. Sometimes things get backlogged, one loses the moment and never finds the drive to write about them again or in my case, many of these photos lie in dead hard drives that would cost hundreds of dollars to recover.

But rather than let the ones we still have go to waste, I thought I’d throw up a compilation of the extra unused photos that Yan took with a Nikon FM3A over in Tokyo Disneyland.

Film cameras do a great job of capturing rich colors that wouldn’t be possible with a modern DSLR and the FM3A in particular excels at this. With such a discreet little tool, he was able to get up close to capture a lot of lively pictures more comfortably too. Just a lot of pictures of Tokyo Disneyland, the people within and captions after the jump.

Walking to Disneyland in the rain.

Life band performing at the entrance.

Zone where most of the more child friendly rides are located.

Disneyland fashion.

Probably one of the most interesting rides in any park, really recommended.

Long queue for snacks too.

People start camping as soon ast the park opens to get the best spots for the afternoon parade.

You actually had to book these themed eateries.

Shooting gallery. You could win badges at these gallery-styled games in the park.

Would had loved to have the option of skipping school for Disneyland.

No theme park is complete without one.

Disneyland’s most infamous ride.

Broadway style musical starring all of the famous Disney characters. Not easy dancing in the heavy costumes.

Courtyard served as a meetup spot.

New show. Unfortunately didn’t have the chance to see it with it’s tremendously long queue.

The parade went on as planned even in the rain.

Thankfully the weather cleared up in the late afternoon.

Japanese love throwing their money at and into stuff.

On the tram ride around the park. You could take a canoe too but we were much too lazy.

Passed through a forest area with some Indian statues and animatronics.

Time passes fast when you’re having fun.

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