Tokyo Business Trip 2008 Day 3

Akihabara, Shinjuku and the infamous Kabuki-cho

11 October, 2008 by

Had an early breakfast again on Saturday, day 3 of my short trip to Tokyo. Today the whole lot of us were visiting the Jet Graphics studio at Shinjuku. Since Shinjuku was really just two stops away from the convenient hotel, we arrived there early with much time to spare despite returning back up to our rooms after breakfast for a quick nap.

The shops had barely started opening in Shinjuku when we reached there, most people were still on their way off to work. Thankfully, the major departmental stores were open so we spent some time walking around Odakyu before returning to the train station to wait for Sakamoto-san (see day 1).

Not as complicated as it seems.

Just above the train station.

We met up with Sakamoto-san and took a walk down the busy streets to reach the Jet Graphics studio. It was located inside a small school building since they teach classes to the students there. Despite being a weekend, some students and staff were there.

A nice view from the studio.

Another view.

After our business was done we headed off somewhat aimlessly to our next destination. Since they had the day off, Sakamoto-san and our boss decided to join us for the rest of the day to bring us around. On the way out of the building, we bumped into one Sakamoto’s colleagues who was unfortunately making her way to work this Saturday morning.

On our way back to the shopping district.

A promo van for Giragira starring the charismatic Sasaki Kuranosuke.

Nice side streets.

We passed through the side streets of Shinjuku and entered a couple of shops, before heading for an early lunch. We were recommended this Ramen place. Yan ate here some time back as well. Despite my somewhat dislike for Ramen, it was not too bad.


Really wanted to head out shopping on my own but since the boss was around, I felt the need to follow the group to their next destination. With a filled stomachs, we took a train bound east on one of the smaller networks and switched trains to travel north to our next destination. We alighted at a small station, and quietly walked a long a deserted street to reach the main road.

A small shrine along the street.


As seen in Densha Otoko.

Pretty empty for a Saturday. All the Otaku were at the Tokyo Game Show.

One of the many shops we were forced to visit.

Getting dark.

Our holidaying colleagues wanted to buy some toys. They went from shop to shop along one street in Akihabara to compare the prices but didn’t purchase any in the end. It was getting late and we were getting impatient. Akiyama-san, Sakamoto-san and myself headed to a small outlet opposite the street to get some coffee and donuts while we waited them out. When it finally got dark, they finally decided to part ways. It was getting really windy. The rest of us headed back to Shinjuku.

Shinjuku crossing at night.

The HMV building.

Walked around the multiple floor Kinokuniya at Shinjuku for a while. Still wasn’t hungry yet. Passed by a fruit store that sold durians. The durians they sold there had no smell at all.

Further down the road.

Headed to Kabuki-cho.

Found this arcade and batting station at Kabuki-cho opposite the Toyoko Inn.

The Toyoko Inn across the car park.

Decided to enter the batting station for a go.

Did hit a few balls but the results were overall too embarrassing to view. We finally decided to look for a place to eat, but everywhere in Shinjuku was packed so we went back to Shibuya for food. It was a silly decision since Shibuya was not going to be any less crowded.

In fact it was worse.

A busy crossing at Shibuya.

The incoming wave.

At the crossing, we settled for curry at a narrow shop in Shibuya before heading back. Stopped by the super market next to our hotel before returning to our rooms since it was still open. Bought more snacks. I got bored again later that night and walk around the shops along our road before retiring to bed.

Japanese wine grapes.

Kato Rosa advertisement.

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