Tokyo Business Trip 2008 Day 2

Visiting the Tokyo Game Show

10 October, 2008 by

It was difficult to wake up from the comfy bed at 8 AM on day 2 for breakfast. Breakfast was only available at the hotel till a quarter before 9. Breakfast was served at restaurant at the basement of the hotel, run by the hotel owner and his daughter.

The generous breakfast consisted of cooked rice, a raw egg, fish, tofu, udon soup, natto and yoghurt. Not many people get to eat a hearty breakfast like this.

A full meal.

On subsequent days breakfast was exactly the same, with the only difference being the fished served. Saba was served on odd and Salmon on even days. But it was good.

After Breakfast, we took a train in the direction of Narita. Passing by Disneyland, we finally stopped at our destination, Makuhari Messe. There I would be having a couple of business meetings later in the afternoon, but till then we were free to roam the Tokyo Game Show.



This giant inflatable action hero was promoting Norton AntiVirus programs.

It was still real early when we reached there so it was pretty empty. The fair had just opened to professional visitors this day. The press would only turn up later in the day and fair was not open to the public till the weekend. After getting my pass, I looked around the halls together with the managers while the colleagues who came on holiday went about playing on their own.

View from entering the first hall.

Fighting game.

SNK had a booth set up for their new King of Fighter’s game right by the entrance. Since there weren’t any queues yet at any of the booths we had the chance to try this and a few other games.

Instructions were printed on the arcade cabinet.

A closer view.

The competition wasn't far away.

Gardening Mama...

Microsoft's Xbox360 booth.

Microsoft had one of the bigger booths. Lots of people were stopped in their tracks from the giant display showing Gundams. Despite their efforts though Xbox360 sales continue to fail in Japan.

Xbox Promoter.

Another one of many Xbox promoters.

Larger companies like Microsoft had anywhere between 10-20 promoters. The Microsoft girls had perhaps the most decent attire out of all the companies, choosing to go with comfortable hip hop attire.

Large Castlevania mural.

You could play the first stage here.

Koei's booth.

Koei’s beautiful booth. Instead of printed poster boards, Koei decided to use one giant projection screen as their booth. Multiple projectors were used to create one giant animated booth. A combination of trailers could be played on their huge TV and on the projected booth itself. Simply amazing.

A closeup of Koei's booth.

One of the stray Koei girls.

Utada cosplay.

Because they couldn’t afford the real thing, Hudson employed a singer dressed up as Utada Hikaru from Travelling to promote their new Karaoke game for the Wii.

I Mayu Watanabe from AKB48’s Team B was supposed to be at the Taito booth next to Hudson’s but I was disappointed to find out that she wasn’t here today to greet business visitors.

Ambition. Ambitious didn

How she could still smile while wearing that is beyond me.

The attractive Takara Tomy girls.


There show spanned 3 full halls at Makuhari so there was too much to be covered. I’m not sure if this girl was either pretending to be a cabaret club hostess or an actual one but she was promoting Sega’s game Ryu Ga Gotoku (Yakuza).

We were passed a lot of leaflets and promotional items by the promoters. Some of them even gave us DVDs. Didn’t take that many stuff in the end since I’m not an avid gamer and because it was just too much to carry. I didn’t realize that some of these items were actually valuable. We managed to cover about half of the show before it was time for lunch. The fair had a bunch of makeshift stalls set up selling curry in the 3rd hall. We had some and it was as good if not better than the standard fare you get in Singapore for a whole lot more.

Sonic poses for the camera.

With his entire harem.

Didn’t take many photos after lunch since they had started to let the press in. It was getting real crowded now and I could barely imagine how the place would be on public days.

Met up with our clients and had two consecutive meetings that lasted till the evening. We then took the long train ride back to the street where our hotel was. Had dinner at a small cafe next to a bookshop there together with our boss. The delicious carbonara pasta and iced coffee I had there only cost 1000 yen combined. Retired back to our hotel room after dinner.

The multi-talented Oikawa Mitsuhiro was singing with the Jazz classic Akira Fuse.

Shot of my pass.

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