Tokyo Business Trip 2008 Day 1

Setting up camp in Shibuya

09 October, 2008 by

For the purpose of some business meetings, I left for Tokyo on the 9th of October 2008 together with my director Akiyama-san, the managers and some other collegues who tagged along to visit the 2008 Tokyo Game Show. It was less than a week after MJ had came back from his holiday in Japan. While I had to pass on a business trip to America a month ago because my passport had expired, it was ready (thankfully) in time for this trip. We took a Delta Airlines flight at dawn and arrived many hours later at Narita. We cleared customs only in time for lunch. Pretty much nothing happened on the first day. We took a long coach ride down to Shinjuku, where we took a cab from over to our hotel in Shibuya.

Olympic Inn Shibuya

Olympic Inn Shibuya is located at an accessible street in Shibuya with two 24 hour stores next door and a couple more further along the street. The convenience comes with a a price though. With rates above the business hotel norm. The rooms cost slightly more than 10,000 a night, and breakfast costs an additional 1000 yen. Thankfully, the lodging was being covered by my company.

The lobby.

Entrance to the room.

When first entering its apparent how small a hotel room in Tokyo is, compared to the hotels elsewhere.

Pretty much the whole room.

But the bed here was really comfortable. Also the room didn’t smell like smoke, which is apparently a problem with many hotels in Tokyo.

This was by the bed.

Compact bathroom.

The bathroom, though small was spotless. Lots of stuff was cramped into this tiny space. I was happy with having a mini-bathtub that was clean. It would come to see lots of use while I was there. The dispensor by the gave out bath gel, shampoo and conditioner from Shiseido. Nothing beats the luxury of not having to wipe your bottom yourself. The automatic water closet washes it for you with your choice of temperature water.

After unpacking and a bath, we headed out to meet back with Akiyama-san. He brought us to a pub he frequents for dinner. It was just down the road. Here we met up with Inoue-san and Sakamoto-san from Jet Graphics.

The experienced Inoue-san is the founder and president of Jet Graphics. While of a film and video background, he has successfully produced and directed many projects for the company. He even made a commercial for  Morning Musume during their 4th generation days. Employee Sakamoto-san (who came over to Singapore to work with us just a few months back) is a talented young 3d animator. He animated the characters in Naruto: Narutimate Hero for the Playstation 2.

We shared a random bunch of dishes at the pub, which served pretty much anything under the sun. We had some okonomiyaki, takoyaki and horse sashimi. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos because I had forgotten about my camera at the hotel. By the time we were done, it was really quite late so we headed back to the hotel.

On our way back to the hotel the boss met up with (and we were introduced to) games industry veteran Suzuki-san. My first impression of Suzuki-san was that he was one funky middle aged man. He had really long messy hair and wore hippie robes. He had taken various roles as planner, producer and writer over the course of his career but never changed his fashion since the 60s.

Stopped by a still open super market along the street our hotel was at. Stocked up on a bunch of stuff.


By the time I remembered to take any photos, I had already gone through some of the drinks and completely finished the pudding I bought from the super market. It was delicious. It’s strange that you can hardly find pudding for sale in Singapore. The smaller pet bottles were from earlier in the day.

Coffee flavoured milk.

Calpis water, endorsed by Nagasawa Masami.

Lemon vitamin drink.

Slightly more authentic green tea.

Peach jelly with large peach slices.

Well that’s it for the day. Sorry that I didn’t have much photos. The following days had many more and interesting photos so be sure to check them out.

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