• heyo

    why is the logo a banana with a bowtie?

  • kimo

    I’ve come from Indonesia and my friend bought me this cake. it’s really delicious

  • Cos2mwiz2

    The Chocolate/Banana cakes they sell exclusively at Sky Tree, and their Choco Banana chocolate bars are TO DIE FOR too. =)

  • Aaron

    It look delicious. Thank you for the post.

  • Enrica Paccoi

    i am italian and i didn’t read DO NOT EAT, i thought it was like sugar……..
    someone can help me in knowing what contein this bags? my email is enrica.paccoi@libero.it i wait for a help from you, thankyou enrica

  • Enrica Paccoi

    i eat an entire bag of oxygen absorber inside the cake, what conteins!
    help please

    • Guy

      Dont worry. Oxygen absorbers are non toxic. If you start noticing something different (vomitting/ nausea) call your doctor

  • Flumpdity

    My wife lived in japan for many years and has many japanese friends here in the us and japan. We live in the states but my wife works for a predominantly japanese company she reads writes and speaks japanese every day for her job. She has exposed me to much of the japanese culture and my favorite thing the desserts she gave me a tokoy bannana I have never been the same. It took 3 more years before I got another one. How can I get them in the us cost is not an issue. Please tokoyo banna can u have pity on a desperate american who appreciates your awesome desserts.

  • Reeson77

    I just tried Tokyo Banana Pie for the 1st time! I have had other snacks that are just like this “pie” but it was still very delicious! It’s very flakey and buttery and oiishi!!!
    Tokyo Banana Kurobe is also a must have. It’s good i don’t live in Japan…I would be eating these ALL the time!!!

  • Samlayers

    I tried, it’s not so delicious. Very simple (genoise + Banana cream). But almost all japanese desert we can buy in bif station are bad, this one is ok.

  • http://vxdollface.tumblr.com/ Vivian – vxdollface

    omg i really really want one :(



    • Sho

      Gracias por visitar. Espero que hallazgo ellos en México algún día. Si no usted puede visitar siempre Japón :)

  • hank_jr

    do the ship to the us i would like to order some

  • http://supermerlion.com Sho

    Heads up, you can get Tokyo Banana (and a really large assortment of other snacks) from the 2nd floor of Tokyo Tower much cheaper than at the airport.

  • Auggie

    The Japanese love their bananas

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