The Girls of SCANDAL

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Follow up from our previous SCANDAL post, here’s another one dedicated to the girls themselves. All facts and information gathered from fan forums, blogs and various interviews. The girls do a good job of updating their SCANDAL blog, and do check out their staff blog for more random behind the scenes pictures!

Ono Haruna

Ono Haruna

Name: Ono Haruna
Instruments: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Birthday: 1988/08/10
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
Blood type: A
Height: 153 cm

Introduction :

Ono Haruna, the eldest among the girls, and also the leader of the group. Initially she had a passion for dancing and dreamed of becoming a dancer, but things changed when she met her co-members in school. Eventually she took on a rock n’ roll path with SCANDAL. But the influence of dance stayed, and it’s also the reason why in some of their PVs, some simple dance choreography can be seen. Haruna has the deepest and most powerful voice among the girls. And with that takes the lead in nearly all their songs.

Things you might not know :

– A fan of Tohoshinki.
– A fan of the Jonas Brothers.
– A fan of the High-School Musical series.
– A fan of Justin Beiber.
– iPhone user
– Bought 4 of Tohonshinki DVD all at once.
– Likes jaejong the most because of his natural personality.
– The moment she plug her earphones and watches videos of Tohoshinki, she cries and laughs all alone.
– A huge fan of Michael Jackson.
– Has 3 piercings on her right ear.
– Has a little brother named Hideto Ono who plays soccer.
– Hates getting wet by water.
– Her eyesight is so bad that makes her say, “It’s enough to make me can’t live my life without contact lenses or glasses!”.
– Went to see Michael Jackson’s THIS IS IT movie.
– One of her most loved items is the iPod given by her Mom.
– She wants to have a part time job in an Apparel store. Like becoming a shop assistant or something like that.
– She was part of the movie “BACKDANCERS”.
– She was part of Mayu’s back-up dancers called the SUPER TIGERS.
– She thinks trousers are better for her clothes because she can feel the wind if she wears a skirt, and she doesn’t really like that.

Sasazaki Mami

Name: Sasazaki Mami
Instruments: Lead Guitar & Vocal
Birthday: 1990/05/21
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
Blood type: AB
Height: 161 cm

Introduction :

Sasazaki Mami has the best guitar skills among the girls, and serves as the lead guitarist in SCANDAL. She often amazes fans that come to see them live with her dexterity and skill with the electric guitar. She also appears serious and kind of dark on stage due to her long fringe and serious expression, but offstage, she becomes a direct opposite, displaying a very cheerful and upbeat personality. Also among the group, she’s also the biggest fan of Japanese Anime. In the vocals department, she has a very soft-punkish voice, and as a result whenever she has a solo part, you’ll know it’s her.

Things you might not know :

• A big Anime fan.
• A huge fan of BLEACH.
• A huge fan of Onepiece.
• Can also play the drums.
• Draws the best among the group.
• Knows how to cook.
• Has a habit of calling herself “Oira”. Been saying that since elementary.
• Loves to play her Nintedo DS.
• Would love to do a seiyuu work for an Anime one day.

Suzuki Rina

Name: Suzuki Rina
Instruments: Drums & Vocal
Birthday: 1991/08/21
Birthplace: Osaka
Blood type: B
Height: 160 cm

Introduction :

Suzuki Rina, the youngest among the group, serves as the drummer. She always has a smile painted on her face when performing. A constant expression of joy towards performing and music no doubt. She’s also a cheerful and bubbly person as seen in their live interviews and the reactions she shows. Also among the 4 of them, she is the most active in their blog, making sure that fans are always updated with the latest happenings in the group.

Things you might not know :

• Can also play the piano. Been playing it since she was 3 years old.
• Knows how to cook.
• Has two sisters and a smaller brother, she’s the eldest. Her youngest sister is named Suzuki Natsuna(鈴木夏菜).
• Last member to join the group.
• Said once in an interview that she doesn’t know any boy’s number.
• Wanted to be called RINAX.
• Would love to work at McDonald’s, a bar, or a Maid Cafe because she wants to try serving people at a restaurant.
• Likes fantasy and romantic movies
• Collects bath salts
• She loves Bagel.
• She likes Soymilk, specially strawberry and almond flavors. She prefers it over tea or juice.
• She would like to date a guy who plays the guitar well. Guitar pose she likes.

Ogawa Tomomi

Ogawa Tomomi

Name: Ogawa Tomomi
Instruments: Bass & Vocal
Birthday: 1990/05/31
Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
Blood type: A
Height: 157 cm

Introduction :

Ogawa Tomomi is the bass guitarist and writer of the majority of their songs. Like Haruna, she also dreamed of becoming a dancer, but rock n’ roll opened a new path. Her dancing skills can be seen when she performs live. She moves with grace despite the fact that she carries a huge bass guitar. She also has a very sweet, high pitched anime-style voice that blends perfectly with Haruna’s deep voice. She’s also the one that leads most of the solo parts in their songs.

Things you might not know :

• Draws the worst among the group.
• Her favorite food are strawberry and nata de coco.
• Her least favorite food are carrots and melon.
• Most playful in the group and loves to goof-around.
• Has a tattoo on her left shoulder
• Has piercings on her left ear.
• Graduated from Hyogo Perfecture(兵庫県), Kakogawa’s high-school(加古川南) at 2009-2-27.

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