Gems hidden in TGS releases

02 March, 2013 by

TGS AR.TV is Tokyo Girls’ Style’s attempt at using augmented reality applications to engage their fanbase. Using triggers from inside their goods, it also acts as extra incentive for fans to buy goods without making it seem like a total gimmick. I had no idea that there was a new installment of AR.TV that was going on with the Yakusoku release; there are still quite a few episodes to go however, and since it’s not particularly publicized, here’s a guide on how to access it!

AR.TV started with the release of Bad Flower, the single just before the release of Yakusoku. AR.TV refreshes weekly, with content being up to date; it usually involves the girls and any upcoming gigs they have. For example, this week’s episode is about their upcoming free live at Lazona Kawasaki.

Contrary to what some think, AR.TV is not actually its own app, but rather is an addon to an existing app, junaio. The app is available for both iOS and Android operating systems, so that should keep a chunk of the fans covered. Once you’re in the app, it’s a matter of simply searching for the TGS AR.TV addon and you’re good to go.

junaio splash

Launching junaio.

After you launch junaio, the button at the top left with the magnifying glass will bring you to a search page. At the start, the app is a little slow, so keep an eye out for the sliver of animation that tells you it’s loading.

artv search

Searching for the TGS AR.TV addon.

While in this case I used ‘TGS’ as a search term, using their Japanese name 東京女子流 yields the same results. All you have to do now is to simply select the addon by clicking the icon. This while bring you back to the front page of the app while it loads.

fully loaded

What the addon looks like once it’s loaded fully.

This is perhaps the most important and somewhat confusing bit about AR.TV. What you have to do now is to point your phone camera onto a particular page in the CD liner sheets of the Yakusoku album. For the CD/DVD version of the album, this is the spread in the middle, with Nakae Yuri on the right side. While this may differ for other versions of the album, but I do not think it will veer in this case.

So simply look for the page where the booklet is divided in half (where you can see staples) and point it at that. What happens next is a small screen will pop up, and a video will play, corresponding to the week’s content. As an aside, the red button in the screenshot brings you to a page where you can answer a survey. However, if you can answer those then you probably wouldn’t need this guide in the first place.

mei in artv

Mei hosts this week’s edition.

Don’t close it straight away however, because double-pressing the video itself will bring you to another video. On Android phones, this plays in the phone’s media player, but it seems that it leads to a YouTube video for iOS devices instead.


Offshot with the making of this week’s AR.TV.

The show is renewed with new content every Wednesday at 10pm (Japan time), so be sure not to miss it. After the TGS AR.TV addon is loaded, there is also an option to place an icon in your home-screen. This will then allow you to use the icon to access it without having to go through the earlier steps. Simply click the AR.TV icon in junaio and select ‘Add to desktop’.

artv menu

Adding a desktop icon.

All in all, it’s a pretty innovative way to deliver content, and hopefully there’s more in store with future releases.


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