Beautiful Autumn scenary

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Takaosan (Mount Takao) is located at the western part of Tokyo. Mount Takao is one of the closest natural recreation areas to central Tokyo, the scenery is beautiful and it also offers attractive routes for hiking.

Foot of Mount Takao

Foot of Mount Takao.

The mountain is relatively easy to climb, if the old folks can do it, it can’t be that difficult. It also depends on the route you choose, there are well cemented paths as well as rocky hiking trails.

How to get there : If you take the Keio Line from Shinjuku to Takaosanguchi Station, it only takes 50 min and 370 yen to reach the foot of the mountain. The other alternative is to take the JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku to Takao Station. But it is  more expensive (540 yen, around 50 min) and you still need to transfer to Keio Line and ride  one more stop to Takaosanguchi (which will cost you another 120 yen, 2 min).

Inside the Cable car.

Looking out of the cable car.

It takes around 90 min to reach the summit. If you are too lazy to climb, you can either take the cable car (470 yen one-way) or chair lift that brings you half way up the mountain.

Half way up the mountain.

There are plenty of attractive sights depending on the route you choose.

Words engraved on the rock. ” Killing is fobidden”.

Name plates along the path.

A Gigantic Tree.

Takaosan view.

Yakuoin Temple.

The Yakuoin Temple is one of the main attraction at Mount Takao. There is a legend that the (Tengu) long nose goblin lives on the mountain.


Tiny Statues.

Hiking trail.

Good walking shoes are recommended as some of the routes can be quite rocky.

Hiking Trails.

Suspended bridge.

Nice Scenery.

Nearing the peak.

Takaosan is also one of Tokyo’s most popular “koyo” (autumn foliage) spots and can be crowded during mid of November. It’s definitely worth coming here to see the colors of autumn.


Takaosan scenery.

Takaosan koyo.

Autumn foliage.


Chair lift.

I recommend taking the chair lift downwards, the experience is quite thrilling (by the way, there is no safety belt).

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