Supermerlion 4th Anniversary

Still going strong

11 February, 2014 by

Today marks the 4th year since this site’s founding. Yes, the site is still alive. In fact, it’s doing quite well considering the lack of updates. It would seem that the decision to shift away from timely media and news updates toward more evergreen articles two years ago had payed off.

With the rest of the authors now moving on to other things and having to balance both work and school on my end, it has been hard finding time to update this site, or even any new content to. That’s not to say that Supermerlion is dead. On the contrary, site traffic has remain unchanged despite the lack of updates. In some cases viewership has actually increased in lieu of Google’s new updates that favour original content.

2014 will most likely be another interim year for the site,  so while I can’t foresee any expansion in the year ahead, Supermerlion will continue doing what it has done successfully, in making useful cultural information available to the public and by supporting other local projects. On the front end, the site will be seeing some updates finally, in the form of some new travel journals in the weeks to come, so do look forward to that. Hopefully, there can be some new guides after.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far and a happy new year ahead.


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