Street life, Hanoi

25 April, 2010 by

Most people from Singapore would generally associate SE Asia with backwardness, and would rather travel to “cooler” and “cleaner” countries like Japan (everyone has a friend or family member like that, come on, you know it).

Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, but there is nothing like being a little more adventurous, and crossing the crazy traffic-filled streets of SE Asia.

Having been to both places, I would say Hanoi is definitely a colorful and charming place. Filled with warm and friendly people and deserves a special entry.

For tourists.

There are no lanes, none.

Meat by the roadside.

People sell stuff throughout the day, with rubbish everywhere.

Pho is the best food ever.

Vietnamese silk, centuries-old tradition.

Told you there's food everywhere.

The old quarter at dusk.

Everyone knows how to ride a bike, you're a loser if you don't. Tourist are not counted.


Selling figurines made from colored clay, everyone seems to be fond of that green helmet.

Waiting for fares and people to rip off.

Alleyways are dark and unlit.

Everyone loves Pho, resistance is futile.

It doesn't look like much but it's delicious.

Eating by the roadside, on small makeshift stalls. You really have to admire the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Alleyways in the day, not so scary.

Fresh vegetables in the back alleys.

It's completely normal to ride your bike through a market. Everyone should try it.

Fresh meat...mmm.

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Long live film.