STGCC 2012 Video Impressions

Our video coverage for this year’s Toy, Game & Comic Convention

02 October, 2012 by

Not too long ago, we decided to expand towards utilizing both video as well as our usual photography. It took a while, but here’s our coverage with various interviews from last month’s STGCC 2012. Let us know what you think. The video also features a new addition to the Supermerlion team, Valerie, though some will know her better as Xiao Qi (MediaCorp) or Yami (Cawaii Koohii).

No doubt there were quite a bit of difficulties involved moving from one medium to the next. It’s been almost a decade since I’ve done anything video related, so pretty much having to learn everything from scratch again together with the rest of our team. We’re still working on the technical side of things, so do be lenient. We have some more things in the works though, so do look forward to that.

Host: Valerie
Footage: Aliman Mustaqim
Editing: Chad Alaksandus
Music: Ave by Alex Beroza

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