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Not exactly a new book, but the SKE48 Complete Book 2010-2011 is a nice compendium of SKE48 knowledge. The book was released last December and remains in print, though judging from the title it will most likely be phased out soon. Completionists will want to grab a copy before that happens. But even if not, it still contains enough sweet treats within to warrant attention.

This is actually the first refresh of the SKE48 Complete Book, with the first one being the 2008-2009 edition. It serves a purpose similar to the AKB48 Visual Book series but receives my thumbs up over its previous version as well as the AKB48 variation for a number of reasons which will be mentioned.

The front sleeve.


The SKE48 Complete Book 2010-2011 comes in a standard mook sized package but is slightly thicker than average. Peeling away the obi and sleeves will reveal the cover which features all the SKE48 members in cute super deformed form.

Cute actual cover.

The usual stickers.

Senbatsu photoshoot for the book.

Unlike newer editions of the AKB48 Visual Book, profiles of all 3 SKE48 teams and research students are present in one convenient book. The SKE48 Complete Book is price at 1,980 yen, which is cheaper than getting a complete set of A, K and B (1,500 yen each) as well as the previous 2009 version of this book (3,000 yen).

Most members get a two page profile.

Interesting question and answer with each member.

All of the member profiles come with studio photos taken for this occasion, an introduction to the member and a short Q&A segment. The Q&A segment features such interesting questions like “What is your favorite type (of guy)” and “What is a secret about another member that only I know”. Another plus point is that the girls’ own handwritten answers are printed here, adding to the personable feeling.

There was a contest to win these polaroids.

Mini-question sections in between.

Team E.

And the kenkyuusei get only one page each.

Another highlight of the book is the generous number of pages dedicated to the history of SKE48. This time though, key events are presented through never before seen candid photos. There are also features on the different SKE48 stages, their participation in the AKB48 elections and the SKE48 Request Hour Set List Best 2010. This is the equivalent of multiple AKB48 mooks worth of coverage.

SKE48 Chronicle.

Timeline of SKE48 events.

The same history in photo form.

Exclusive candid photographs from member birthday celebrations.

More candids from the making of this book.

As an added bonus, each copy of the SKE48 Complete Book comes with 1 of 4 possible double-sided posters. This one contained the version with a large spread of Takayanagi Akane from Macau. For once, the poster isn’t sealed or attached to the book itself so you don’t have to risk damaging your copy. Something that frustrates me greatly with most AKB48 mooks.

One of four random double-sided posters.

Size comparison.

If you’re living in Singapore. There should be a number of copies still available at the local Kinokuniya though somewhat pricier. Otherwise, you will also be able to find it at CDJapan through the generated link below.

Click here to search CDJapan for official AKB48 goods.

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