SKE48 Bukatsu Damashii

Club activity themed SKE48 photobook

27 December, 2011 by

Today we look at another, newer SKE48 book, SKE48 Bukatsu Damashii (Club Spirit) by Fusosha Publishing. Released in September, the book features many candidly taken photographs, set to the book’s extracurricular activity theme.

SKE48 Bukatsu Damashii.

SKE48 Bukatsu Damashii differs from most other mooks in that text is kept to a minimum. This may be a good or bad thing depending on the individual.

Lots of photos within.

Candid photographs of the group.

There are still interviews with individual members scattered across the different themes but most of the pages are filled with random shots from each set. Thankfully, the nature of the photographs do make them more interesting than most.

Photos are split into different club activity themes.

Some interesting sections.

With that in mind, there is little to be said for this book. It is a simple package that will appeal to those looking to see a more spontaneous side of their idols. If I were to compare it to a previous release, it would be to the twin AKB48 Yusatsu books, though the photographs here are better taken.

Fashion check.

Note though that not all members are featured in the book equally, if at all. Fans of less prominent members will be disappointed. On the other hand, the Top SKE48 members are given star treatment within. Quite a few pages are dedicated to the six most popular members in what looks like one of their best studio shoots for a mook.



The SKE48 Bukatsu Damashii is a fairly thick book, coming in at 165 pages. The fact that it costs only 1,200 yen does make it more tempting too. If that wasn’t enough, the book comes with two additional bonus L-sized photographs to sweeten the deal. As you would have expected, photographs are chosen at random from a variety of (barely) different poses from a small pool of selected members.

Bonus photos.

Overall, SKE48 Bukatsu Damashii provides some additional content for die hard fans at great value but will likely only appeal to a selected number of this already niche group.

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