Singapore Manangement University

A brief overview of higher education in Singapore

22 April, 2013 by

There are many out there who might want to consider studying abroad when it comes time to plot higher education, as well as those at home in Singapore who are considering their options. As it stands, out of the many universities in Singapore there are really only a few that stand out. As the choice can often be confusing, here’s a brief summary of those on offer, followed by a focus on one university in particular: Singapore Management University.

There are four major universities in Singapore: the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the Singapore Management University (SMU), and the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Of these, NUS is the oldest, and it boasts the largest range of curriculum, as well as student body. NTU is globally up-and-coming, the fasting rising in the global top 50 of universities (as such, it is also increasingly funded.) SUTD is the newest, distinguished by a unique East and West academic programme which builds on elements of technology, design, entrepreneurship, and management. Singapore Management University, meanwhile, is the most employable, with 96.6% of its graduates finding work within one month of (but usually before) graduation.

Singapore Management University

There are numerous advantages to studying at SMU. As mentioned, employability is almost guaranteed. The numerous and esteemed undergraduate programs on offer are certainly something to check out. SMU also takes pride in a different approach to teaching. Lectures are avoided in favour of seminar style tutoring, where students are encouraged to speak their mind, and debate is encouraged.

As a business and talent developer SMU takes pride in its students, and makes sure all are on the right track to career stardom. With six schools to choose from (including Business Management, Law, Social Science and Accountancy) you are assured of strong tuition, with leaders in academia there to help along the way.

SMU is located in Singapore’s city center.

For many, student life is as much as a draw as education. There are numerous co-curricular activities are supported mainly by student clubs, while bespoke excellence programmes – whether in the arts or sports – are supported by the Office of Student Life (OSL). Special interests, including debating, animal welfare advocacy and community service, are there to broaden students’ interests and allow them to play a much bigger role in society.

There’s also location, SMU is centrally located, right in downtown. Restaurants, bars and exciting attractions surround the campus, a great opportunity to chase up on culture.

The next admissions for undergraduate courses of SMU begin in October, so please check out the website and consider your future of higher education. SMU might be the choice for you.