Sentosa Merlion

The Merlion’s larger, laser shooting cousin

29 September, 2010 by

Japan has Godzilla, Singapore has the Merlion. But over at Sentosa you will find this larger cousin of the Singapore Merlion. Standing at 37 meters tall, the Sentosa Merlion is the 40th tallest statue in the world. It also shoots lasers out of its eyes. No, seriously, for 15 minutes everyday between 7.45 PM to 8.00 PM, this giant Merlion literally shoots lasers out of its eyes.

The Merlion. Is watching you.

Beach Station.

The Sentosa Merlion is located in the Merlion Walk that that stretches between the Imbiah and Beach Stations on the Sentosa Express. The statue itself is nearer to Imbiah but here we started from the back of the park where a beautiful mosaic tile fountain was built. Circa 2006, the park, its fountains and lush greenery stretched across the entire front of the statue too but were sadly lost in the construction of Resorts World Sentosa.

Merlion Park.


Creepy manta ray.

Not sure what this is.

At least in my opinion, the fountain here is a treasure itself. The entire stretch is shaped in the image of a coral reef, merging all the other sea creatures which the Merlion holds dominance over. Some of the fishes occasional spurt out jets of water.

Amazingly, the fountain was built with thousands tiny tiles, giving it its rich vibrant color. Traditional Chinese cups and plates were also molded into the structure, in accordance to the original Merlion.



Sea slugs?

For safety reasons, it is best not to enter the pools. There are lamps are wires within to light up the fountain at night. Here the fountain blends into the rear of the Merlion.

No entry.

Souvenir shop at the base.

Along with the rest of the walk, the Sentosa Merlion was built in 1996. The Australian artist took some liberties with the creature to ensure that it turned out prettier than the one along the Singapore River. Like the original, it still looks silly face forward but this newer statue does extrude an aura of magnificence when seen diagonally.

Sentosa Merlion.

The statue is erected on a rock base that is also an artificial waterfall of some kind.

The structure can actually be entered as the top of its head serves as a lookout point. Entrance is beneath the rock fountain.

I’ve been inside a couple of times, so gave it a miss today. Basically it’s just a lift to the mouth where you can see some exhibits about the Merlion’s history and excess to the roof. Entry cost is $8, a little pricey but you do get a 360 degree view of the island.

Like the regular Merlion, the Sentosa Merlion is a great draw for tourists. Japanese visitors in general seem particularly amused by the creature. Here you can see a couple heading in.


The fountain extends to this glass shelter.


The area in front of the Merlion before Resorts World.

Currently Sentosa is still finishing up with some final renovations at the Merlion. Most of the new “Merlion Plaza” (which is really just the front of Imbiah station) is already open, with the exception of another smaller fountain beside the station. Construction will be completed within the month.

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