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Now you can experience everything Singapore has to offer for less

08 November, 2011 by

If you’ve been with us for a while, you would know about the discount offers available when traveling around Japan. I always wondered why there weren’t any similar free and easy plans for when Singapore. But there is now. With the new See Singapore Pass by iVenture, you’ll an immediate discount of over 40%. Best of all, it’s not limited to tourists.

The See Singapore Pass covers many of the country’s main tourist attractions such as entry to the Night Safari, Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, Underwater World and Singapore Flyer. As well as guided programs such as the Singapore River Cruise, Tekka Market Breakfast Tour or Singapore Walks.

Some of the Attractions covered by the Passes
Night Safari
Singapore Zoo
Jurong Bird Park
Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon
Singapore Flyer
Singapore River Cruise
Snow City
The Original Singapore Walks

Ordinarily, these would cost quite a bit (anywhere from $20-$40 each, with most leaning toward the higher end). To counter this, iVenture provides two different types of passes. The See Singapore Unlimited Pass and the See Singapore Flexi Pack.

The See Singapore Unlimited Pass operates almost identically to the Osaka Unlimited Pass at least in the attractions aspect. It doesn’t cover transport, but it does allow you free access to any of the valid attractions for the respective number of days.

Unlimited 1-day – Adult: S$79 – Child: S$49
Unlimited 2-day – Adult: S$99 – Child: S$59
Unlimited 3-day – Adult: S$139 – Child: S$89
Unlimited 5-day – Adult: S$179 – Child: S$119

For the Unlimited Pass, the two day pass looks like a good option. If you were to say, hit up the Singapore Zoo/Night Safari on the first day. Then visit the Jurong Bird Park on the second. You’d still have enough time for a leisurely evening at the Singapore Riverside and Singapore Flyer. This would amount to savings of almost $30. Of course, you could end up saving more if you did a tour style excursion to more areas in each day.

iVenture's See Singapore Pass.

The new Flexi Pack is also particularly attractive. It comes in two versions, a 3 ticket or 5 ticket type. With this pass, you will be able to gain entry to the respective number of attractions over the stretch of a month.

Flexi Pack (3 tickets) – Adult: S$69 – Child: S$49
Flexi Pack (5 tickets) – Adult: S$109 – Child: S$69

This is a low commitment package, that lets you save a bit less in exchange for greater flexibility and the freedom to visit the attractions at a leisurely pace. It’s a great option for those who are spending more than a couple of days in Singapore. This will be the pass of choice for locals too.

For more details and to purchase your pass online, visit the official See Singapore Pass website. You can collect your pass at the Singapore Flyer and at 313@Somerset Orchard.

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