AKB48’s less subtle sister group

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It is well known fact that most idols have short lived careers. The media is always on the lookout for fresh new faces and there is no shortage of aspiring candidates. By adulthood, most female idols are considered aged and have to find new things to move on to. Akimoto Yasushi seems to have found a solution around this problem, with the creation of his third “48” group, SDN48 (Saturday Night 48).

The cast of SDN48.

Dubbed as an adult equivalent to the original group, SDN48 features an older cast of “mature” talents, comprising of models, gravure idols and former AKB48 members mostly in their 20s (by the time you reach 30, you’re practically a senior citizen in the idol world). They are able to perform an original set of raunchier songs, that would otherwise meet with objection from younger idol’s parents.

Performing at Akihabara.

SDN48 debut last August at the AKB48 theater in Akihabara. As their name suggests, they were meant to perform live shows on Saturday evenings (after the AKB shows are over). But due to their unexpected success, they now perform multiple times a week. The group initially started with 18 members but has since expanded to include a total of 36 women.

There is something incredible unreal in watching a group 36 woman in their late 20s and 30s, dancing together in such a large formation. But for most part, they perform in their individual teams in smaller units, not unlike AKB48.

Some key members.

SDN48 is lead by 27 year old Noro Kayo, formerly of AKB48’s Team K. The other members that were moved from AKB48 into this new group were Ohori Megumi (27), Team B captain Urano Kazumi (25), Kohara Haruka (22) and Sato Yukari (22). Other notable faces include gravure models Kato Mami, Serina and KONAN, of Ebisu Muscats fame. There’s also comedian Nachu, the scary large gyaru that looks out of place in all of the photos.

Recently, a fan election to find the top 12 SDN48 members was held. The results:

1. Ohori Megumi
2. Sato Yukari
3. Noro Kayo
5. Urano Kazumi
6. Umeda Haruka
7. Serina
8. Kato Mami
9. Kohara Haruka
10. Ito Kana
11. Aita Kazue
12. Fukuyama Sakura

As expected, the former AK48 members ranked highly in the results. With the exception of Fukuyama Sakura (who has recently withdrawn from the group for health reasons), the selected members will be appearing in SDN48’s upcoming first single by Universal Music.

Magazine scans, courtesy of Afro Stud.

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