SDN48 in Singapore

Avex-signed mature 48 themed group pay a visit

21 June, 2011 by

Earlier this month, Japan’s “mature” version of the 48 member group, SDN48 (SaturdayNight48) visited Singapore for their first ever overseas performance. 12 members, consisting of some of the groups most popular artistes were here to introduce their special take on the idol concept.

SDN48 is a sister group to the Japan’s biggest musical sensation AKB48. As of date, SDN48 has released two singles themselves under the Universal Music label, both of which were met with success as well. Despite that, they took to the streets personally to hand out flyers to the public and to sell concert tickets for their performance that evening on Friday, 10th of June.

SDN48 visit the other Merlion.

Like AKB48, SDN48 follows the concept of “idols you can meet”, singing and dancing celebrities, who remain down to earth and approachable to fans. Since 2009, they have been performing late night performances weekly at the same AKB48 theater in Akihabara.

Promoting the evening's concert.

Fans were in for a treat, while passers-by were met with equally warm greetings. As far as we know, this was perhaps the first time Singapore has seen successful overseas artistes taking to the sweltering streets to promote their music. A hard sell? Surely. But some would certainly had found it hard to resist the charm.

Winning new fans?

That evening, SDN48 held their first overseas performance at the *SCAPE to great fanfare. Patrons were blow away by the women’s energetic dances and killer vocals that could have only come with their years of experience. Many even walked away commenting that SDN48 might be quite possibly better than AKB48 itself.

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