Resorts World Sentosa

Singapore’s first intergrated resort

23 September, 2010 by

Developed by Genting Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa is Singapore’s first integrated resort. In fact, it’s the first integrated resort in the world as Singapore invented the term to begin with. Here you will find Singapore’s first casino, first theme park and it will someday possibly the world’s largest marine park. It’s also the most expensive casino in the world after the Marina Bay Sands.

Please do not stand on the glass.


This was added to make the place appear sophisticated.

And this was added to prevent lawsuits.

This plaza connects Resorts World Sentosa to the Sentosa Merlion. There are a total of 6 hotels in the Resort and most can be accessed from this area. Universal Studios Singapore is just past the fountain area.

A Maritime Museum and Marine Life Park is still under construction with no expected completion date. Fitting to Singapore’s status as a historical port, the Maritime Museum will allow visitors to experience the adventure of seafaring in a 360 degree multimedia theater while the Marine Life Park claim to fame is that it be the world’s largest oceanarium when completed, which is sort of like an aquarium with a more natural marine habitat.

It’s amazing how they managed to fit nearly as much stuff in the limited land space. For the entire Resorts World Sentosa measures at only 0.5 square kilometers, about the same size as the Night Safari.

Fountain area.

Reminds me of Tokyo Dome.

From the pavilion on the fountain.

Tried pressing it, did nothing.

Metal Merlion sculpture on the pavilion.

The Forum contains a number of budget dining options and the Casino’s entrance. It looks like a neighborhood shopping mall, with the Casino at the basement corner where the supermarket would normally be.

Restaurant and Casino area.

Hard Rock Cafe.


The casino was below the fountain.


Of course, didn’t visit the casino. Citizens and permanent residents have to pay a $100 fine to enter. You can get a return trip to Genting Highlands Casino in Malaysia, complete with a hotel stay for less than. And even get to escape the humid weather for a weekend.

Waited till the evening to see how the place looked like at night.



Didn’t take too many shots, since I was disappointed by the tacky, silver and futuristic blue lighting scheme like at the Double Helix Bridge. Will probably return again when the aquarium opens.

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