Pop Rock Love Book Launch

A writer fulfilling her dreams

13 November, 2011 by

Supermerlion attended the launch event for Pop Rock Love. In an event attended by friends and family (with a performance by a local band), we caught up with author Raine Koh. She spoke of her background as a writer, the book and future aspirations.

A number of people were in attendance.

One More Stop with Glamorous Sky

While this may the first time many have encountered Raine Koh, she is no stranger to publishing. Pop Rock Love is actually her third title; she is also a writer for Teen’s Magazine. Raine also has a number of screenplays under her belt, having gotten into writing 5 years ago.

She counts authors like Murakami, Coelho and Wilde amongst her favorites, drawing her inspiration from them. While some aspects of her book might be similar, she feels that authors should seek their own style and go ahead with that, giving each writer his own individuality.

Raine with her book.

Signing books for fans.

Pop Rock Love blends the worlds of Japanese rock and pop together, its narrative involving two people of wildly different backgrounds. When asked about the setting, Raine expounded on her belief that J-rock was not just a fad and (given the longevity of the local scene) was here to stay.

The book was written in a year, from 2009 and Raine confessed a desire for it to be turned into an idol drama. Given the target audience of female 15 to 22 year olds, this does not seem to be all that far-fetched. Raine also has plans to get her name out overseas, with a translation into Mandarin on the cards, to take advantage of the burgeoning Chinese market.

The A5-sized book.

Raine is looking into collaboration with local schools, where she would be able to hit a majority of her target audience. The book, which is of a relatively short length and small-sized, is perfect for reading on the commute. It will available in all major bookstores in mid-December, and Select Books will also sell it online.


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