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While strict aviation laws prevent Singapore’s buildings from competing in terms of height, when it comes to the sheer quantity of high-rise buildings, Singapore is well ahead of even Tokyo. Last month, I wrote about some of Tokyo’s skyscrapers in the 10 Free Tokyo City Views. Naturally, I intended to write a local equivalent to the post. However after extensive research, was surprised to find that out of Singapore’s 58 skyscrapers, only 2 were readily open to the public, neither of which were free. The Pinnacle@Duxton is one of them.

Building on the left.

Over the weekend, I was invited to a photo tour by Darwin Muis, an Indonesian friend of mine who had recently taken up photography as a hobby. Met up with some old friends and familiar faces. After exploring the surroundings, we headed over to the Pinnacle@Duxton in the evening.

Heading there.

The Sky Garden at the Duxton Pinnacle is one of Singapore’s two vantage points open to the public, with the other being the Sands SkyPark at the Marina Bay Sands resort.

The Pinnacle@Duxton is a 156 meter tall, 56 floor public housing complex located in central Singapore. Despite being public housing, the flats here cost half a million. And yes, that’s an at sign in its name.


Kind of looks like the Evangelion buildings.

Entry to the Sky Garden costs $5. A bargain compared to the Sand’s $20 entry fee. The cover charge is payable only by EZ-Link, the local equivalent to the Suica/Pasmo.

The gates were particularly twitchy. Even the residents had trouble getting through them.


They missed something.

First view. Shipping docks.

On deck.

Not much daylight left since by the time we figured out how to get through the gate is was already 7 PM. It was still cloudy but thankfully the rain had already stopped.

Still wet from the rain.

Central Business District (CBD) Area.

Starting to get dark.

500 meters long.

Not too many photos, since I didn’t bring a tripod and even then it was hard to get shots without the two layers of barriers obstructing. Singapore’s skyline isn’t very bright as most buildings lights are turned off in the evenings. So even with my ISO pumped up lighting was scarce. It’s not a bad thing, since it means that Singaporeans don’t work overtime nearly as much.

The Formula One races were on hand. Couldn’t see it from here but the engines could be heard. Still, the view of the city was great.

The barriers were irritating. But probably for the best.

Shenton Way.

Another shot.

Really liked this bright street.

Outram Park.

F1 test run was going on.

Darwin was frustrated by the poor built quality of his tripod. He also didn’t want to resort to the typical CBD photos like I did here so I stole the tripod away here for a final shot. It should give a better view of how the weather conditions were.

Final shot.

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