Tokyo Spring 2013 Day 7

Last minute shopping frenzy on the last day

26 May, 2013 by

Following our plans, we woke up a bit earlier on this day with the intention to reach Harajuku by 10am. We had turned in earlier the previous night to rest up, so we weren’t sleepy or tired. One of the reasons for waking up early was that it was the last day and we wanted to maximize time.
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Enoshima Spring 2013 Day 6

A wonderful time spent away from the city

21 May, 2013 by

Quickly approaching the end of our short holiday, we took a break from the city for once and headed to the beautiful island of Enoshima, located in Fujisawa City of Kanagawa. I was especially excited for this day because it was the most out-of-the-way place on our itinerary, and have seen photos posted of it from celebrities and friends.
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AKB48 Photo Guide: Sister Groups

The self distributed photographs for SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48

20 May, 2013 by

In this part of the series we take a look at the AKB48 sister groups own take on theater distributed photographs. Unsurprisingly, the groups of SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48 derive their distribution formula from their Akihabara origin group but also add on to or modify their methods.
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Odaiba Spring 2013 Day 5

A day spent more on shopping than sightseeing

16 May, 2013 by

Having set aside more time for rest this day, we headed off to Odaiba in the late morning feeling energised and refreshed. It was also yet another cold windy day, but at least the weather was really good and skies were clear.
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5th Dimension

Weekend heroines prove their mettle with sophomore album

14 May, 2013 by

Momoiro Clover Z has been at the head of the idol sengoku jidai, a rising group that comes closest to threatening AKB48’s hegemonic hold over the proverbial Iron Throne of Japanese music. In April of 2013, the 5 girls from Stardust Promotions released their second album, titled 5th Dimension. The album reached the top of the Oricon charts, selling a total of nearly 200 thousand copies over three weeks.

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Zakimi Castle

The Beauty in Ruins

13 May, 2013 by

You cannot leave Okinawa until you’ve visited one of the island’s UNESCO World Heritage sites from the Ryukyu Kingdom. There are several throughout the island and the Zakimi Castle ruins is one of them.
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Yokohama Spring 2013 Day 4

Yokohama didn’t disappoint, even with bad weather in the way

11 May, 2013 by

After 3 days in Tokyo, we had a slight change of environment in the form of Yokohama. Having a bit of trouble finding the place to buy the special discounted Minatomirai Ticket due to wrongly understanding that it was not sold at Shibuya Station at all, our plans were delayed so during the day we had to cut short some places we intended to visit.
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B-Mobile Prepaid SIM Card

An update to the Japanese mobile phone situation

06 May, 2013 by

Some time ago we looked at the Japanese SIM card rental options and deduced that if you’re visiting for a short holiday, the best thing to do would be to stick with your local carrier’s roaming plan. The situation’s changed quite a bit since then and many of the previous SIM card options are now defunct, though the previous conclusion still stands. However for those staying for a longer duration or who require internet access on the go, B-Mobile’s prepaid data cards provide an excellent alternative.
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Tokyo Spring 2013 Day 3

AAA’s tour opening day was my first concert in Japan

05 May, 2013 by

We started off the next day waking up early, in order to pack up our stuff, check-out and move to our next hotel which was located one stop away from Shinjuku Station on the Yamanote Line. The initial plan was to take a taxi there since we had to carry all our luggage, but realising that we wouldn’t have to change train lines at all if we took one from Tokyo Station, we decide to save the money. Our hotel in Hatchobori did provide a free shuttle to Tokyo Station anyway, and most guests checking out took advantage of it.
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AKB48 Releases New Sousenkyo Appeal Videos

04 May, 2013 by

As is common every year, AKB48 has once again released the Sousenkyo appeal videos. These are short snippets that the girls can use as campaign videos. Numbering over 250 videos in total, these are worth checking out, if only to see your favourites. The listing can be seen on the official Sousenkyo site.

Tokyo Spring 2013 Day 2

Enjoying ourselves in geek heaven

02 May, 2013 by

Still reeling from the disappointment of missing the Tsukiji tuna auction in the morning, we took the train for tech gadget and anime paradise Akihabara, which would hopefully make the day better. Since it was still pretty early when we reached, there weren’t too many people.
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AKB48 Photo Guide: Theater Photos

The monthly AKS released photographs

01 May, 2013 by

AKB48 theater photos are are series of photographs produced directly by AKS themselves. They’re the second main type of AKB48 collectible photos and with the ceasing of B.L.T. photographs can now be considered the most popular kind to be collected. AKB48 theater photos, in their current form emerged in 2009 as a more common alternative to B.L.T. photographs.
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Tokyo Spring 2013 Day 1

A week’s getaway begins

28 April, 2013 by

Hi, I’m Grace, yet another Singaporean obsessed with many things Japanese. I’ll be writing about my experience of my recent week-long trip to Japan on this site.

It’s been almost two years since I had last been to Japan. I’ve gone to Japan twice before, one in central Japan and the other in Hokkaido, but they were both on tour groups. This was the first time I was going on a free and easy trip so it was easily a lot more exciting.
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AKB48 Photo Guide: B.L.T. Photos (Part 2)

Other special photographs under the B.L.T. label

25 April, 2013 by

In this second part of our ongoing guide on collectible AKB48 photos, we take a look at the other special photographs released by B.L.T.. Like in the previous part, we’ll run through all the different types of limited edition B.L.T. photographs, along with how they are obtained. We’ll leave the market information and price speculation to another time, but given their limited print, may be more difficult to get your hands on.
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AKB48 Photo Guide: B.L.T. Photos (Part 1)

Everything you need to know about AKB48 photos

24 April, 2013 by

There comes a times in every AKB48 fan’s life where they they come across the expansive selection of AKB48 merchandise. While some are content with supporting their idols through the occasional CD purchases, others dive head on into the world of collectible nama shashin. If you’ve reading this, then you’re probably at least considered purchasing some some.
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AKB48 at Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore

Attending a full-size AKB48 live for the first time

23 April, 2013 by

Being from Hong Kong, I have always envied Singapore because AKB48 actually went there and performed stages more than once. The most Hong Kong ever got was the 3-song “mini live” at the Genki Japan event, despite an appearance from Maeda Atsuko right after she announced plans to graduate. So I got my plane tickets in record time when Tokyo Auto Salon announced the AKB48 line-up, which included members like Kikuchi Ayaka and Kawaei Rina.
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Singapore Manangement University

A brief overview of higher education in Singapore

22 April, 2013 by

There are many out there who might want to consider studying abroad when it comes time to plot higher education, as well as those at home in Singapore who are considering their options. As it stands, out of the many universities in Singapore there are really only a few that stand out. As the choice can often be confusing, here’s a brief summary of those on offer, followed by a focus on one university in particular: Singapore Management University.
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