Mihama American Village

One stop entertainment and shopping in the heart of Okinawa

05 August, 2013 by

It is almost impossible to look through any travel guides on Okinawa without seeing a mention of the Mihama American Village, the popular shopping spot in Chatan.
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Thailand Business Trip July 2013

A crash course in the underbelly of Bangkok

01 August, 2013 by

Last week, I took a short trip down to Bangkok for some business, my first time visiting Thailand. Despite lasting barely 2 days, it proved to be a frantic, eye-opening experience and a suitable crash course in the workings of the underside of the country. While the sensitive nature of the trip means that a lot of details will have to be passed over, here’s a short summary of some of the happenings.
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PAX Australia Impressions

PAX Australia lives up to expectations as the best video games convention in the Pacific

23 July, 2013 by

Being a fan of the Penny Arcade webcomics, getting to attend the first ever PAX show in Melbourne, Australia, was truly a dream come true. Being surrounded by fellow gamers and cosplayers, and also to be immersed into such a culture for even just a day was simply incredible. Despite it being quite a gloomy, rainy day, the hype and the mood for PAX was far from that. Before the doors opened at 10am, the lines had already extended far beyond the entrance to the queue room and continued to grow. It was stunning to see the amount of people socializing with one another, not to mention the amount of StreetPass hits on my 3DS got as soon as I walked in the door!
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Local music festival returns again with a solid lineup

01 July, 2013 by

Baybeats has been a regular occurrence in the Singapore music scene since it started in 2002. The event has been pivotal to raising the popularity of bands from around the region. This year was no different, as bands from as far as Japan came down to perform to a local audience from all walks of life and music preference.
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JKT48 Announces Team K Formation

25 June, 2013 by

Indonesian sister group of AKB48, JKT48 has announced the establishment of a new team. In tonight’s theater performance of Boku no Taiyou it was announced that Team K has been established, with a total of 18 members. A captain for the group has not yet been decided. This marks the third Team K in the whole of the AKB48 franchise, with overseas group JKT48 beating Hakata group HKT48 to the punch. More information can be found on the official twitter account of JKT48.

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Exploring the sea to the ocean floor

21 June, 2013 by

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium at the Ocean Expo Park is a place often recommended to tourists. It’s no wonder as it is often touted to be among the best aquariums in the world.
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Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger

Officially unofficial sentai themed late night drama

06 June, 2013 by

Akibaranger is a difficult show to explain. Even the series’ name is a bit of a misnomer, and despite being called “unofficial” the show is created by the same people at Toei who’ve made some of the beloved Sentai and Kamen Rider tokusatsu. But instead of being the usual low-budget, live-action superhero flicks targeted at children, the team uses the tokusatsu idea loosely to deliver a novel, at many times hilarious after hours comedy.
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The thriller series for the discerning viewer

28 May, 2013 by

Psycho-Pass is an anime that follows the crime-busting exploits of police inspector Tsunemori Akane. Set in a future where Japan is fully isolated from the rest of the the world, the country is run by the Sybil System which evaluates citizens based on their Psycho-pass, determining everything from their tendency to commit crimes to their career paths.

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