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It’s difficult to explain exactly what Okonomiyaki is to those unfamiliar with the dish. The name itself isn’t too descriptive, since it translates literally into “fried whatever you want”. Many have likened the Kansai dish to an omelet or pancake. But if you’re Singaporean it is easier to draw a simile to Chai Tao Kway, since the two share a similar sinful purpose.

When eating Okonomiyaki, part of the fun comes from cooking the dish yourself. Here we see Yan running through the process.

First up mix up the batter.


According to him, the Okonomiyaki batter is a trade secret. According to Wikipedia, it’s a mixture of flour, yam, eggs, cabbage, onion and your choice of meat. The combination gives a remarkable texture that is sort of similar to a hash brown.

Next you’re going to want to prepare the pan.

Oiling up the pan.

Go ahead and toss the mixture on the pan.

Pouring the mixture.

You can now shape the mix on the pan to whatever shape you desire with these spatula things which look like they could be used to play the Shamisen. Here we shaped them into an unimaginative circle.

Leave to cook.

When one side browns, flip it over. Be careful not to let it fall apart.


Apply chakra.

Let the other side cook too. Once done, it’s time to apply the condiments.


Secret Okonomiyaki sauce.

Bonito fish flakes.

And serve.

Time to eat.

Finally, the reward.


Like Yakisoba, Okonomiyaki is usually eaten with red pickled gingers to help clear the palate. These are kind of different from the ones you get with sushi, since they are salty instead.

Pictures for this post were taken at Sumomo Okonomiyaki.


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