NMB48 Complete Book 2012

Osaka-based 48 group releases its first guidebook

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In early March, NMB48 released its guidebook, the NMB48 Complete Book 2012. This marks the first time the Osaka-based group has released an official guidebook since its formation in October of 2010. With pages covering the whole of NMB48 (this includes teams N, M and all the research students), the book is a hefty one. Described by some members as a book where you can “learn everything” about NMB48, what does it have in store for the fans?

Stickers of all members.

The first thing you see when you open the book is a set of stickers depicting all the members in various clothes (ostensibly, their own). While personally I’ve never found the use of small stickers like these, I’m sure others would beg to differ.

Interview with Yamada Nana.

This is followed by interviews with the Top 3 members of NMB48, namely Yamada Nana, Watanabe Miyuki and Yamamoto Sayaka. They speak of their experiences over the past one and a half years, and how far they’ve come since then. It gives fans an insight on how these girls (who represent the group as a whole) think about their own fame. Also included is an interview with the producer of the 48 groups, Akimoto Yasushi.

A page for Kinoshita Haruna.

Team M member Hikawa Ayame.

The 3rd generation research students get a page each.

The pages are standard fare for guidebooks, with questions on their preferences, likes and several lifestyle questions. There are also small pieces of profile information, like their nicknames and date of birth. Of note are the write ups that each girl does on herself. The topic seems to be open; Shiroma Miru starts off by saying how she cries really easily. Also included at the end of each team’s section are some things they were made to do: for example, Team N’s has a tabulation of their answers to a survey.

The timeline of NMB48.

After the member pages end start a section named ‘NMB48 CHRONICLE’, where they trace NMB48’s history, from the first day of auditions to February 2012. Giving an overview of all the important happenings, this spread provides easy reference to satisfy any fan’s curiosity.

Photos from Team N in Singapore.

The subsequent pages recount the milestones in NMB48’s career, with events such as the Rock Paper Scissors tournament and Team N’s visit to Singapore last year. In addition to shots of the girls performing, fans also get a glimpse of what it’s like backstage.

An interview with Kaneko Takeshi.

Those interested in what it’s like to be the manager of NMB48 would be glad to see that there’s also an interview with Kaneko Takeshi. The NMB48 manager gives his opinions on the goings-on in NMB48, and what challenges they faced at the start.

Candid shots of the members.

The book comes to a close with off-shots of the members and pages describing various signed goods as well as introducing readers to the discography of NMB48.

The A3-sized poster included with the Complete Book.

All in all, the book is a great buy for both new and old fans alike. The complete profiles of all the members are available, with all the information one could possibly want being provided in the members’ individual pages. Coupled with solo shots (for the ones officially placed into teams), the NMB48 Complete Book is worth the 1429yen it costs to purchase it.

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