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Other than the Mix, the next most basic form of cheering during AKB48 concerts are the “member calls” (メンバーコール) shouted after one of them have just finished singing. This is a full list of AKB48 member names shouted during such situations.


Member calls are shouted during a short gap after a solo verse has just been sung. This usually occurs at the start of the group songs but reoccurs throughout unit songs.

In cases where a single member has more than one verse consecutively, alternate calls are prefixed with “Chouzetsukawaii” (超絶かわいい) before the member’s name. This is shouted mid song, with the actually name of the member call filling up the gap as usual.

Member calls are sometimes shouted repeatedly while people are singing for songs where any individual member has a sizable number of lines. This usually occurs only during unit songs. Note that these are just general observations as calls are ultimately based on individual songs.

Mix and Member Call example below. Courtesy of Maliciel.

The Calls

In most cases, the member’s nickname is shouted but there are exceptions. As you can see, the cheers favor 3 syllable words so for girls with 2 or 4 character nicknames the fans often shout their real names instead. When it is impossible, two syllable names are dragged out.

Team A

Iwasa Misaki → Wasamin
Oota Aika → Rabutan (Lovetan)
Ooya Shizuka → Shiichan
Katayama Haruka → Haachan
Kuramochi Asuka → Asuka
Kojima Haruna → Haruna
Sashihara Rino → Sasshi
Shinoda Mariko → Mariko
Takajo Aki → Akicha
Takahashi Minami → Minami
Nakagawa Haruka → Harugon
Nakata Chisato → Chiichan
Nakaya Sayaka → Nakayan
Maeda Atsuko → Acchan
Maeda Ami → Aamin
Matsubara Natsumi → Nattsumi

Team K

Akimoto Sayaka → Sayaka
Itano Tomomi → Tomochin
Uchida Mayumi → Ucchi
Umeda Ayaka → Umechan
Oshima Yuko → Yu-ko
Kikuchi Ayaka → Ayarin
Tanabe Miku → Tanamin
Nakatsuka Tomomi → Kurisu
Nito Moeno → Moeno
Nonaka Misato → Mi-cha
Fujie Reina → Reinyan
Matsui Sakiko → Sakiko
Minegishi Minami → Miichan
Miyazawa Sae → Saechan
Yokoyama Yui → Yuichan
Yonezawa Rumi → Yonechan

Team B

Ishida Haruka → Harukyan
Kasai Tomomi → Tomomi
Kashiwagi Yuki → Yukirin
Kitahara Rie → Riechan
Kobayashi Kana → Kanachan
Komori Mika → Komorin
Sato Amina → Amina
Sato Sumire → Suuchan
Sato Natsuki → Nacchi
Suzuki Shihori → Shihorin
Suzuki Mariya → Mariyannu
Chikano Rina → Chikachan
Hirajima Natsumi → Nacchan
Masuda Yuka → Yukachan
Miyazaki Miho → Myao
Watanabe Mayu → Mayuyu

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    idk if you check this often but i have a question which has been bugging me for a while. when two members sing a line, whose name or what exactly are the fans calling out?

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      When there are multiple girls singing at the same time, everyone shouts their favorite among the few and the loudest cheers simple overpower the other shouts.

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