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Maidoru! SUPER☆GiRLS (My Idol SUPER☆GiRLS) is the group’s unique combination of social network and fan club. It serves as an all in one portal to everything SUPER☆GiRLS as well as a personal log of one’s own fandom.

Most importantly, fans take on the role of “support producers”. And through Maidoru, fans are able to push the rankings of their favorite members in real time and vote on actual managerial decisions for the Avex idol group! Here’s our step by step guide on how you can jump in and help shape SUPER☆GiRLS today. Membership is free!

As an integral part of the SUPER☆GiRLS concept, My Idol is perhaps the most novel idea in recent idol history since AKB48 had brought “idols you can meet” to the masses. But while Akiba idols had existed in the past, this is truly the first time that technology and idols have come together so ingeniously.

In essence, My Idol is a real life experiment in gamification theory. At its most basic level it allows users to keep track of their “achievements” while supporting the group. Every SUPER☆GiRLS item purchased or event attended provides the user with a unique “key code” that can be entered into the user’s account for trophies and PP (Producer Points), the site’s “currency”.

Thankfully, Avex has chosen to make profiles viewable only by oneself. Were they public, I can only imagine the elitism and mad buying sprees that would unfold.

Though fans are able to use PP to unlock various cosmetic upgrades for their account, the main purpose of PP is that of “pushing power”. Each day, fans can use PP to vote on various “statistics” of their members. This data translates into a direct representation of each member’s popularity or to put it cruelly, worth. It is only good business that Avex takes into consideration this information when producing the group.

Additionally, users are able to vote on other more significant decisions from time to time, such as which CD covers go to print. If you sign up right now, you can decide who and what will be featured as the B-side to SUPER☆GiRLS’s next single which will be released in April.

Even if none of this interests you. Maidoru is still a one stop place for all SUPER☆GiRLS information. You’ll find the most updated news, schedules and even lists of future media that the girls will be appearing in. For once, you can enjoy being kept constantly in the loop.

Getting Started
An important thing to take note of is that the Maidoru site can only be accessed by mobile phone. Any smartphone or iPhone will work fine. Alternatively, you can download the User Agent Switcher plugin for Firefox, which will allow you simulate an iPhone. After installing the plug in, you will need to go to Tools > Default User Agent and switch the selected option to iPhone 3.0. User Agent Switcher is a useful application that will allow you to visit many Japanese sites that are otherwise unavailable.

When you are ready, you will be able to find the Maidoru site here. But before you begin, you will need to register for an account. To do so, send a blank email to: It is fine to leave the subject and contents of the email blank.

Login Screen.

After a blank email is sent, you should receive an email almost immediately. Clinking the link inside will bring you to the following registration page to key in your particulars.

If you haven’t noticed already, I’ve implemented a new script below to allow our authors to add notes to images. This should make it easier for us to create similar guides in the future. Mouseover the images to see the labels.

Registration Screen.

Provided there are no errors, you will be brought through a few instructional slides once you are done entering your details, . You can click past these. Eventually you’ll reach a screen where you will need to choose your “oshimen”, the member you want to support in Maidoru. Choose away. Note, this can be changed freely later on but you will get a respective “first oshimen” trophy for the person chosen here.

After making your decision, you should be brought to the main screen below.

Main Screen
The main screen is where you’ll be brought to each time you first log into My Idol. Here you’ll be presented a summary of the latest updates (at the top of the page) since you last visited the site. There’s also an overview of your points as well as a listing of your oshimen, her status and latest blog updates.

By default, all users will be able to select only one oshimen. Early last year, they released a key code that allow you to gain an additional oshimen, however that promotion has expired. It is likely that iDOL Street will hold such a campaign again at a later time.

There are three cosmetic selections you can make that will affect the look of the main screen. They are the Trophy (your displayed avatar, which also serve as achievements), Title (to describe yourself, also earned through fulfilling certain conditions) and Design (the site theme or layout, which is purchased using PP at the PP Shop). More details in another section below.

Main Screen.

The next most important thing on the main page is the PP distribution chart for your oshimen, or “Ninja Stats” as I like to call it.

As mentioned above, a huge element of Maidoru involves fans using their PP to vote on various attributes related to their oshimen. Each day, fans will be able to distribute 10 PP among any of the member’s 6 statistics. Some of these statistics are common among all the members, while others are unique to the individual. For example, Kano Kaede’s (pictured above) 6 statistics are her Singing Ability, Looks, Dancing, Miracle, Service Spirit and Positiveness.

The total PP distribution for each previous day is collected and displayed. As you can see, most of her fans tend to agree that she ranks pretty high in the looks department.

As an added bonus, your total lifetime PP contribution is tracked and you are given a ranking among all of the particular member’s fans. With the first being the person who has given up the most PP to that member. Again, this information is only displayed to yourself.

Personally, I don’t really care enough to get involved but there are few actual other uses for PP. Normally, you will be able to generate at least 10 PP each day. You get 5 PP for just visiting the site and another 5 PP for visiting your oshimen’s blog through the site. At the same time, PP contribution is capped at 10 PP a day (per oshimen).

You’ll find this navigation menu at the bottom of all pages while using Maidoru. The menu gives you easy access to key pages of the site. Considering how much you’ll be using it, it would had been better if it were located at the top but all things considered, the My Idol system is pretty intuitive as far as Japanese user interfaces go.

Most of the icons and names should be self-explanatory if you’re able to understand some basic Japanese. If not, you can mouseover the highlights below. Clicking on the icons below will bring you to the respective part of this guide.

The last unmarked icon is for “SPC Contents”, the SUPER☆GiRLS equivalent of a fan club membership. The fan club integrates nicely with My Idol and can be unlocked by entering a key code. But unless you purchase a fan club membership, the icon simply links to a page explaining how to subscribe.

Main Navigation.

Status Screen
The status screen is an overview of all of the user’s own statistics. For the most part, most of the information here is identical to the main page or lifted from other pages and is thus redundant. The only two pieces of information that really differs is the user’s rank (based on their PP contributions) and a user level statistic.

Instead of using points to vote, users may spend a certain number of points to increase their “User Level”. Users begin at level 1 and can increase their level up to a maximum of 20. The amount of points to increase one’s level increases with each upgrade. This number if completely cosmetic and serves no actual purpose for now.

Status Screen.

Idol List
As the name suggests, the Idol List is a listing of all SUPER☆GiRLS members. Clicking on any of them brings you to their respective “Idol Member Details” page (see below). There are also links to the girls blogs and BBS (a board where fans can post messages relating to that particular member).

In keeping with SUPER☆GiRLS transparency, all of the members are actually ranked here in order of the number of blog views they have received over the past 7 days. This ranking is updated daily.

Idol List.

Idol Member Detail
Clicking on any of the girls on the idol list will bring you to a in-depth profile page of that member. There are more details here than even the main or status pages and you will be able to view the PP distribution for the other members too.

For the uninitiated, this serves as a tool for familiarizing yourself with the different members. While hardcore fans can keep track of the girl’s progress here. As a sample, here’s Mirei’s profile below.


The Message Screen is the mailbox where you’ll find messages sent to you by My Idol. These are mostly news updates and announcements.

Message Screen.

The schedule is a calendar of events lined up for SUPER☆GiRLS and the individual members. This is particularly helpful since all of their 3rd party media appearances are tracked too. You will be informed in advance of whatever variety programs, radio shows or even newspapers they will be appearing in. No having to run around fan sites scavenging for whatever traces of unreliable information.


There are a number of different vanity options for Maidoru, all of which come together in the user’s “Collection”. These can be unlocked by completing specific objectives (called missions), entering a key code or by redeeming a certain number of PP at the PP Shop. Once unlocked, you will need to visit the respective collection screen to select the cosmetic option you would like to use. The types of unlockables are listed below.

Collection Screen.

First are “Titles”, which as the name suggests are honorifics that are displayed next to the user’s name. Only one title can be active at a time. These range from the starting title of “Fan” to more ridiculous ones like “Blog Watcher”. Most titles are unlocked through “Secret Missions”, which are simply objectives hidden from the user. You will be able to unlock additional titles over time simply by using the Maidoru site.

Trophies are Maidoru’s achievements. They can also be equipped as avatars. You unlock trophies from normal site usage, as well as entering particular key codes. For example, the trophy shown in this guide was unlocked by entering the key code from a copy of the iDOL Street OFFICIAL BOOK Vol.1. Achievements can also be earned from just about any live event (they hand out key codes at such events) or for supporting your Oshimen for an extended amount of time.

Designs are the skins for the My Idol site. You start off with a few free ones to choose from and additional themes can be purchased with PP (approximately 150-200 PP each).

The only current Digital Contents that are available are wallpaper downloads for your cellphone. These are unlocked for a small amount of PP each. The first SUPER☆GiRLS album also came with a key code to unlock ringtones here.

Finally, there are Utility Items. There is currently nothing here. Up until October last year, fans could use 1,000 PP to send private messages to the members (limited to 5 per member each week). There are occasionally other special items you can redeem from time to time.

For example, just yesterday fans could use PP to land themselves a role in a SUPER☆GiRLS CD Drama. There were 3 female slots for 5,000 PP each and a single male role for 10,000 PP. Like, how crazy is that.

Mission List
Missions are the next key component of My Idol SUPER☆GiRLS. Here you’ll find a list of available missions and completed hidden missons. Shown missions are anything from attending SUPER☆GiRLS upcoming concert to purchasing the latest B.L.T. magazine.

The aforementioned polls through which major decisions are made also take the form of missions. Every so often, Maidoru will present users with a survey to decide the outcome of production issues.

There are also daily quizes, which test the user’s knowledge about the individual members or pose questions from the girls’ appearances in magazines or television. Thankfully, you’ll be able to find most answers online in time. If you’re having trouble with any quiz, you can always drop me a message on Twitter too.

Mission List.

Also, here’s how a sample quiz looks like. This one references information from one of the member’s blogs.

Sample Quiz.

After selecting your answer, you will be prompted to confirm. Select the second option to do so.

Confirm Answer.


Simple quizes like that tend to reward 10 PP. Quizes that require external knowledge (such as from magazines they appear in) reward 30 PP. Everything else seems to reward between 10-15 PP per 100 yen spent. For example, a concert (which ticket costs 3,000 yen) rewards 300 PP.

PP Shop
A list of whatever you can currently redeem PP for is available at the PP Shop. The only things that are regularly in stock are a bunch of wallpapers and site design options.

PP Shop.

Even if you can’t understand a word of Japanese, worry not. As clicking on any item will bring up a preview. You can review it here before choosing to spend any PP.

Buying Preview Screen.

As mentioned above, fans will be able to change the member they are supporting. While there are no immediate penalties, you are only able to change your Oshimen at the end of each month.

Oshihen Button.

How this works is that a oshihen button will appear during the last 3 days of each month. During this time, clicking on the button will bring up the option for you to change your oshimen. You can change your oshimen at any time, or any number of times during this 3 days freely. And on the 1st day of the following month, whoever you had last selected would become your new active Oshimen.

Reference below.

Oshihen Screen.

Clicking on the oshihen button will show your current active oshimen. Click the second option (変更する) to begin changing you oshimen. From here, you’ll be presented a listing of all the members in a screen identical to when you first selected a member during registration.

Member Select Screen.

Finally, you will be required to confirm you selection. Again, choose the rightmost option.

Confirm Change.

This will bring you to a success prompt. However, you will be free to continue changing this selected member as many times as you wish, or even back to your original oshimen within the 3 day window.

Next Month's Oshimen.

And that’s it for this guide on how to use the My Idol program. If you have any questions or spot any discrepancies feel free to let us know.


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