Macau Trip 2008 Day 4+5

15 May, 2008 by

The last couple days of our 5 day trip to Macau saw us rummaging through hundreds of fake mont blanc pens, LV bags, prada goods and all manner of fake branded loot. The main highlight was Zhuhai, China. It’s like people just cross the border to shop for the day, then cross back in the evenings.

It’s amazing how you can bargain from $180 to $60. They will give you a price, then you give a ridiculously low price, they’ll refuse, then you walk. Then they’ll call you back and sell it to you anyways. LOL~ It’s the same with nearly every shop!

Some shops have hidden rooms where you can look at more fake goods. There was this shop where the shelf opens up into another back room with shelves upon shelves of fake DVDs in all sorts of categories. Concerts, movies, series, English, Japanesese, Korean. Fantastic.

Photos here :

Mother's day~! Had breakfast at Grand Waldo, super famous place for dim sum, according to me cousin.

Super expensive too. But it was really good. Service was incredibly slow. They were really, really understaffed.

After that it was another long bus trip to the border.

Reached! Heading into Zhuhai, China for some really cheap shopping.

But we had to get through the immigation crowd first.

A whole lot of waiting later, we got through at 1pm, and here it was, just at the entrance,
was the largest underground shopping centre i've ever seen.

It was just rows and rows of shops selling fake goods hahaha!
LV, PRADA, GUCCI, MONTBLANC, it was just crazy.

Took a break after couple hours.

Didn't have time to walk the whole 2nd floor, and it was 7pm already.
So back we went across the border and into Macao.

Bags of stuff loaded, we took the bus back to Venetian. Everyone was tired from the walking and LV bags xD

After unloading the bads in our rooms, went out to this Portuguese rooster place for dinner.

The place was really cozy, was a family run restaurant.

Good food! very rich, lots of sweet/sour flavors. The king prawns were just, awesomes.

The next morning, all packed waiting for our bus to the airport.

Took this while waiting. About 1/4 of the place was still under construction.

Yeap, that's our bus.

Tiger plane again! 3.30pm flight.

Ate their really expensive lunch, was starving. Usually things taste extra good when one is hungry.

Back in Singapore airspace~ that's all folks. Lots to unpack.

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