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Fairies go full idol

15 March, 2013 by

I should had suspected something was amiss when the members of Fairies had started to introduce themselves with idol-y catchphrases the last time I had seen them. Last month, avex’s edgy R&B and hip hop dance group Fairies surprised us with the announcement of a new idol themed sub-unit, the group’s first.

Consisting of the group’s three youngest members, the group is formed by Fujita Miria, Shimomura Miki and Hayashida Mahiro, calling themselves M Three (Mスリー). Fairies’ 4th “M”, Ito Momoka is notably absent. Innuendos aside, I can think of at least one adhesive company that wouldn’t be too thrilled.

M Three’s first single Yumemiru Dancing Doll  (夢見るダンシングドール), due later this month on 27th March is a retro inspired, sickly sweet pop tune with visuals straight out of the 90s. Some avex humor or the Fairies’ attempt at breaking into the wota market? Whatever the case, M Three’s Yumemiru Dancing Doll appears to have replaced this season’s regular Fairies single.

Last week the unit uploaded their full video Yumemiru Dancing Doll online.

There’s also a surreal alternative dance shot version.

Tongue in cheek or selling out? You decide.

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