• yanneng

    O might be to correlate with 0 as you've said; but I always thought because O sounds like black in hokkien. So coffee or tea, black AKA without milk.

    • rani

      What kind of tea that they use. I have heard that the tea is a powder one and in kilograms amount. Where can i buy it?

  • Auggie

    Type 1 diabetes: body's failure to produce insulin, and requires the person to administer insulin.

    Type 2 diabetes: insulin resistance, cells fail to use insulin properly, sometimes combined with an absolute insulin deficiency.

  • Auggie

    Drink first, think later!

  • Chairman Mao

    8 cups of kopi & teh sounds like a deathwish for diabetes.

    • http://supermerlion.com Sho

      Sugar doesn't cause diabetes.

  • ST

    Excellent photos my friend

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