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Last month Avex’s iDOL Street announced the formation of their newest idol group Cheeky Parade. The former iDOL Street students appeared decked out in some trendy looking fashions. It turns out, Cheeky Parade’s look is none other than popular Shibuya gyaru fashion brand JSG’s latest collection. Is it a coincidence that JSG stands for Japanese Super Girl?

JSG’s style bears certain resemblance to Super Lovers, a Harjuku street style brand targeted towards children and teenagers between 15-18. But JSG takes it to a whole new level with their bright colors and the generous use of pop art patterns contrasted by bold black outlines. This juxtaposition is also seen in their use of different materials that come together to give JSG’s fashion a loud, impactful image.

JSG calls their fashion “clothing for the Genuine Shibuya GAL”, their concept “Pop Treasure Box”. That about sums it up.

Cheeky Parade at their press release.

Here’s a look at some of the featured pieces, courtesy of the JSG Online Shop. It seems all of Cheeky Parade’s clothing are being sponsored by JSG, even off camera too. And while Cheeky Parade has yet to announce any releases, might we take this that the group will likely target a young female audience?

JSG Print Chiffon Studs One Piece. As seen on Watanabe Asami.

JSG Studded Shoulder Cardigan. Sekine Yuna and Mizorogi Seran get this in different colors.

Leopard Print Large Pocket Parka. As worn by Shimzaki Rino.

JSG Ribbon Follow Parka. Yamamoto Marin.

JSG Various Glasses PK. Won by Nagai Hina in off white.

JSG Ribbon Cardigan shirt. Worn by Kodakari Momoka.

JSG Geometric Pattern Setup Parka. As worn by the Suzuki sisters.

Well, if you were wondering where to get these fashionable jackets and tops, you know where to look now. The ones featured here are comparatively milder than many of JSG’s other fashions. You can see more examples at JSG’s Official website or visit their JSG Facebook page for news updates. The physical JSG in Tokyo is located on the 4th floor of the Shibuya 109 building.

Images by JSG.

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