• Bonnie

    There is a b-mobile 3G SIM card now, just FYI. ¥3980 for a 14 day plan of either 1GB data cap or unlimited 14day 3G coverage (slower speed) throughout Japan.

    • http://www.supermerlion.com Supermerlion

      Hi Bonnie. Yes the B-Mobile cards are mentioned in some of our other posts. We also have a separate guide for just the cards prepared, but just have not found a good time to post it.

  • Guest


    I bought a sim card from this website.

    They have both normal and micro sim.

  • Ashley

    I would be bringing my Iphone over, so all I need to do is to get a SIM card from the airports right?

    • Sho

      As stated in the article, you will have the option of renting a SIM card or just using your existing country's line for roaming.

  • Liang

    I now use http://www.mobalnarita.com – pay just for what you use.. much easier than the last roaming bill I got… *gulp*

  • daisuke

    i hav a docomo phone which i use in singapore. i think its modified. can i still use it in japan and use most of the functions inside? especially imode..? plz send me info.

    • Sho

      If it's modified, it will function like a Singapore phone and will be able to make calls and SMS if you have roaming if the set operates with the roaming type of your local operator. Some local sim cards roam with GSM but most will roam with 3G.

      You will not be able to use iMode or other internet functions because it is limited to Japanese subscription.

    • daisuke

      im using a prepaid so i know i cant use any internet n stuff in singapore.

      but if i get a sim card in japan. will i be able to use it in japan? n will i be able to use imode in japan?

    • Sho

      Sim cards in Japan are locked to particular phones only, so you would not be able to get a Sim card on its own to use for your phone except in the case of Sim card rental as mentioned in the article.

      i-mode is a Docomo only service. However i-mode does not operate like a standard data plan. Think of i-mode as a internet portal and Docomo subscribers have to pay an additional monthly charge to subscribe to i-mode services.

      To use i-mode you would need a contract subscription with Docomo. In all cases, rented Sim cards work just like roaming with your own phone, so you cannot use their contract services.

    • Sho

      It also seems most Japanese carriers no longer support GSM, so chances are you can no longer roam with Singapore GSM cards anymore.

  • john king

    am looking for prepaid simcard in japan for a iphone4 or iphone3gs pls send me info

    • SGR

      At Narita Airport and Kansai Airport, we "SoftBank Rental" can provide the iphone4 SIMcard for rental from 17/Nov/2010. Impossible to book and just for the application at the counter. You need the credit card to apply.

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