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Last month, SUPER☆GiRLS made their inevitable debut into mooks with the iDOL Street Official Book Vol.1 Winter 2012. Judging from the title, it’s the first in a series of seasonal books chocked full of photographs and coverage of SUPER☆GiRLS and iDOL Street related events. This first issue takes on the task of introducing readers to the two fairly new groups and all of its members.

The iDOL Street OFFICIAL BOOK Vol.1 is oddly published by Sony Magazines and available at major retailers and web stores for 1,575 yen. It’s a fairly standard sized mook, weighing in at 87 pages but the contents are invaluable enough to warrant notice.


Back cover.

The book opens up with an introduction to all of the members from the two groups, starting with of course, the SUPER☆GiRLS seniors. You’ll find lots of excellent, full color photos spread throughout all of the mook’s pages.

Introductory spread of all the members.


Despite its less than overwhelming size, there are some great reads inside. Instead of providing a simple, statistical comparison of all the members, profiles come in the form of handwritten answers to a series of simple questions.

This adds a really nice personal touch to this segment of the book and is something I haven’t seen in any mook other than the SKE48 Complete Book. SUPER☆GiRLS takes it one step further though by adding more colorful emotes to their answers.

Profiles for each of the members.

Handwritten answers.

Colorful collage.

The member profiles are broken apart by colorful photo collages shot exclusively for the mook, these contribute to the overall happy, playful theme of the book.

Also instead of the usual write ups you get on each member’s achievements as typical of AKB48 mooks, the remaining space here is filled by a couple of longer Q&A answers direct from the respective members themselves. This keeps in line with the personable feeling of the book and lets you learn some genuinely new information about each member.

Rather than a write up, each profile is a Q&A with that member.

More collages.

Street Students.

The book also provides profiles for the first 18 iDOL Street Project Members, who are split up into the Kanto based east street and Kasai’s west street. They don’t get the large full page photos or more elaborate Q&A like their SG counterparts but do retain the handwritten profiles.

I must admit, one of my reasons for purchasing this book was so that I could put some names to the alien iDOL Street members I had seen performing the day before.

Smaller but still handwritten segments.

Interview with the group's producer, staff and more.

There is a certain amount of input from the production staff inside. You’ll find two long interviews with iDOL Street’s producer and B.L.T’s editor as well as some short snippets from the group’s dance instructor and makeup artists. One segment that really caught my attention though was a two page spread showing off the concept art for the girls’ costumes from their Chouzetsu Shoujo concert.

Their fashion designer is a particularly good an artist, capturing many of the girls nuances and considering them well. This explains the group’s rather awesome costumes. I really hope that future issues of the magazine continue to feature this “Costume Check” segment.

Really amazing concept art for the girls' outfits.

The later half of the mook covers some of the memorable moments in iDOL Street’s short history. But instead of simple timeline of events, it is presented in the form of a 4 page free for all discussion between the members of SUPER☆GiRLS. Here they recount some interesting and embarrassing events from the group’s conception, concert and practices.

SUPER☆GiRLS timeline.

Here we see coverage of the two groups’ recent lives, the SUPER☆GiRLS Chouzetsu Shoujo Joshiryoku Paradise Vol.3 / 4 at Shibuya BLAZE and iDOL Street Kirakira Holiday at Shibuya WOMB. Photographs are plentiful and again, you’ll find excerpts from each member’s post concert thoughts. There are also candid photos from some of the groups’ other excursions.

Concert reports.

For iDOL Street too.

Behind the scenes photos.

To top things off, we have another photo shoot for the purpose of the book at the back, this time set to a party theme. Like the rest of the book (and pretty much everything produced under the SUPER☆GiRLS branding) there’s a very strong graphic quality here. For once, you can tell that attention has been paid to the mook’s layout rather than haphazardly pasted together.

I’m not sure who is responsible for this or if it’s even a conscious effort but whatever SG is doing they are doing right. It could be that they just have the right people for each job.

A fun photo shoot.

A strong graphic style.

Behind, there are some additional segments with the book in mind. Here the SUPER☆GiRLS members spend some of their free time decorating compact cases. The section comes with an usually detailed recounting of how the girls decorated them.

The mook comes with a lucky draw mailer that gives you a chance to win one of the member decorated mirrors. The iDOL Street members also do a little crafts and physical challenges on a separate occasion.

Art and craft session.

Physical challenges.

A chance to win the items decorated by the members.

The mook also comes with a poster, probably randomly selected of either SUPER☆GiRLS or the iDOL Street Project Members. Unfortunately, here I got the later.

Overall, the iDOL Street OFFICIAL BOOK Vol.1 comes as a worthwhile buy for any fan of the group, or anyone beginning to find interest in these idols. And even if SUPER☆GiRLS related merchandise were not as scarce, I’d still recommend it simply for the quality of its contents.

And as with all other SUPER☆GiRLS merchandise, the book comes with a keycode for the Maidoru! SUPER☆GiRLS online social system. Entering the code immediately unlocks for you a spiffy trophy and a 150 PP bonus. It also opens up 3 sequential secret quiz missions that will reward an additional 120 PP when completed.

I’ve included the answers for the quizzes below for those who need the help. Stay tuned for a full guide on how to register and use Maidoru! SUPER☆GiRLS coming soon.

Bonus poster.

In the “Self-Portrait” corner, the ones wearing rabbit ears are Saoriinu, Amita and another one more person who is?
A: ぴの (Pino)

Look Back to SUPER☆GiRLSのコーナーで、ごっちゃんが愛の告白をした相手は誰?
In the “Look Back to SUPER☆GiRLS corner, who is the one to receive Gocchan’s confession of love?
A: るか (Ruka)

In the “Deco No.1 Contest”, who ends up staying overtime?
A: みやり (Miyari)


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