Hotel New Tohoku

Old business inn opposite Ueno Station

03 April, 2011 by

We stayed at Hotel New Tohoku on the first day of our trip, an old business hotel near Ueno Station. It was the only hotel we could at the time that still had empty rooms. They have an official site but here are some photos for a more realistic look inside.

At the time, it seemed like a good idea to spend a night in Tokyo, to maximize the use of our Rail Pass the next day. But as we were only staying a single night, we weren’t eligible for much discounts. On hindsight, it might had made more sense to get a 14 day Rail Pass but I’ll be running through such decisions when I post up the sample itinerary another day.

Quiet side street.

Anyways, we booked the hotel from Agoda. Review comments were generally positive.

It seemed that Hotel New Tohoku was a popular choice among Singaporeans for its affordability. For less than $10 more we could (and much rather) had stayed at Hotel Wing International Kourakuen or Candeo Hotel Ueno-koen, but both were fully booked.


The only qualm among reviewers was that the hotel was rather difficult to locate. And that’s because despite being just 5 minutes away from the station, it was hidden around a corner in one of the smaller streets.

Sure enough, we did take a longer way round to the hotel. But when we did find it, we were greeted by a friendly middle aged woman at the front desk.

We had already paid online beforehand, so it was just a matter of showing her a printout of the receipt that we got from the site. Since we were just staying for the night, she gave us rooms on the first floor. Fortunately so, for there are no elevators in this 3 floor hotel.

Our rooms were immediately down the lobby.

As far as budget inns were concerned, the rooms were decently sized. Not smoky either, which was important. But like the rest of the hotel, the room clearly showed its age. The curtains and some of the furniture were dusty. Thankfully, though the bed was clean.

Bed itself was comfortable sized.

The facilities were clearly from a different decade. Such as the thermal cup thing that they provided instead of a flask. I had much trouble getting the internet here to work and when it did, the speeds there crawled. I was half expecting to hear some nostalgic dial up tones.

The room's facilities. Minus the laptop.

One of the reasons why we didn’t want to stay at a hostel and went with a business hotel instead, was because the later has at least some private bathing facilities. The basic bath amenities and toiletries are of course present here.

The basic necessities.

The toilet itself was a little unsettling though. Not nearly as scary as some hostels but it wasn’t exactly comforting to see that the sink had discolored for whatever reason. I didn’t dare soak in the tub for fear of whatever else infested the place. It was the smallest tub I had ever seen in a hotel, so it would been futile anyways.

A little unnerving.

All but those who are willing to give up comfort for the location would be better off looking elsewhere. I cannot recommend Hotel New Tohoku, unless you must absolutely stay at Ueno. In which case, it does strike a balance between its price and position.

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