Hermès: The Gift of Time

The world famous luxury goods brand showcase their concept for 2012

02 August, 2012 by

The folks at Hermès were nice enough to invite us over to the The Gift of Time event yesterday evening, where the world famous luxury goods brand was taking a novel approach to showcasing their concept for 2012. For the first time since its closure last July, the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station has come alive again, with a concept display by designer Hilton McConnico and various pop up cafes featuring local delights past and present.

The first display.

The main attraction was the circular walk-through Hermès exhibit. Each of the rooms here revolved around the concept of time and were carried across by many of the centerpieces being in constant motion, while others played upon the idea of suspended time. All of the exhibits were made from Hermès products, or rather fragments of the products that have been reconstructed into the graphic, bold displays.

Made out of leather bits.

Sundial cast a horse shaped shadow symbolic of the Hermès branding.

As mentioned above, a series of pop up cafes had been set up outside along the old train tracks. The food sold here were affordable and well suited for those who just want a quick snack. Apart from the typical cafes, there was also a Popaganda (a gourmet ice pop) stand and this curious store selling traditional snacks and toys. It’s nice to see the contrast of old vs new tying into the concept of the exhibition here too. Visitors of all ages, ourselves included all stopped to take a look at the retro shop.

Old confectionery shop.

Lots stopped to see the nostalgic novelties.

For those interested, The Gift of Time exhibition at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station is open to the public from now until 12th August 2012, 11 AM to 9 PM daily. The Gift of Time website.


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