Gunpla Expo World Tour

Gundam modelling event hits Singapore shores

16 November, 2011 by

The Gundam Expo World Tour is here in Singapore. Held in Compass Point for the third year in a row, the expo serves to showcase the wonder of Gundam plastic modelling, or gunpla, as it is known in model enthusiast circles.

The Expo is held at Compass Point Atrium

Exhibits of collections range from Gundam Unicorn and BB Senshi to Gunpla Builders’ Beargguys. Visitors can also see the intricacies that go into making high-level plamos with the PG (Perfect Grade) models that were on display.

A PG Strike Freedom Gundam

Also exhibited were entries from the GBWC (Gunpla Builders World Cup). With entries being split into categories of Junior and Open, as well as a best MG (Master Grade) category, many kits were on display. The competition is judged on the quality of painting, technical building skills as well as creativity in posing and presentation. You can clearly see how much effort the contestants put in, with many contestants using props to properly simulate a battle, or an in-fight pose.

Visitors checking out the GBWC exhibits

An entry in the Open category

G-AGING Battle Base machines were also placed to let visitors try the game out. This arcade game is similar to many card-based games, where it is a modified rock-paper-scissors concept. However, what sets this one apart is you have your own models (of the AG and GB series) which you can scan and use in the game.

A demonstration of G-AGING Battle Base

Inquisitive minds will also be sated with exhibits that showcase the process of making gunpla. The molds that are used to make the different body parts of Gundam are shown, as are the different colored plastics in their raw form, before they are turned into the pre-shaped parts that you see in gunpla boxes. Those interested in taking up building as a hobby can also join the Gundam Workshop, where one will be given a kit for assembly under the guidance of instructors. Visitors will also be able to meet and have a session with the ‘Gunpla Man’ Kawaguchi Katsumi himself.

Gunpla moulds

The various colored plastics that go into gunpla

Of course, the event is not complete without the opportunity to obtain model kits for yourself. Kits of all grades are on sale at the event itself, with queues forming at the start of the event for the more sought-after models. These included the Limited Edition Pink Beargguy and the 1/144 Gundam AGE-01, which is being sold outside of Japan for the first time.

Many model kits at the store in the Expo

Of course, don't forget the girls

The Gundam Expo will run from 15th to 27th November at Compass Point in Singapore.


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