Gundam Fiesta 2009 Singapore

31 December, 2009 by

With Gundam’s 30th anniversary coming soon, we’ve been seeing Gundam fairs and competitions all over the place. Went to this Gundam Fiesta fair. A bit small in my opinion, but still nice to see. Lots of cool Gundams on display. So tempted to buy! I’ve always wanted to get a Perfect Grade Gundam to build xD The latest 1/60 scale one is going at $288 though. lol. That’s about the same price as a Hello Project concert ticket!

Photos of the event below :

Entrance to the fair inside Compass Point.

Incredible competition dioramas of Gundam 00.

Ah another top view of the competition diorama.

Closer view.

Incredible detailing.

Another close up. This is one of the 3 villains in the series, in case you didn't watch.

Another competition piece.

Multiple wins for this one.

Close up.

Another angle.

Top down view.

Another close up.

Arios Gundam, from Gundam 00.

Red Astray Perfect Grade Gundam.

Yet to be released Blue Astray Master Grade! Drools.

Hale Buster from VS series.

Yet to be released Mirage Gundam.

These are made from recycled Gunpla parts I think.

This was in the 'Wall of Fame' hero gundams from their past series.

Another one from the wall.

I only watched Gundam Seed, Wing, 00. So I have no idea on the earlier ones.

Some of these are so old, I can't identity them.

You can see the evolution of 'hero' models, especially at the head and chest pieces.

This one was a classic.

I know this one, Gundam Wing!

Loving the bulky armor 😀

I know this one, Gundam Wing!

Cool shields.

The knee joints of this one looks wrong.

Very popular torso design.

Hello guns. Not sure which series this was from.

From Gundam Seed, if i'm not wrong.

Apart from the wall, they had other models on display, like this Unicorn Gundam.

Master Grade Unicorn Gundam

One of my favourites, Strike Gundam.

Strike Freedom Gundam.

I only watched Gundam Seed, Wing, 00. So I have no idea on the earlier ones.

Master Grade F91 Gundams.

Awesome Wing Gundam.

Seravee Gundam from Gundam 00.

More Blue Astray Master Grade goodness.

Nix Providence Gundam.

Wooden molds for making gundam parts.

Freedom Gundam.

Strike Noir Gundam.

Wing Gundam.

Regen Dual Gundam.

Gale Strike Gundam.

Chibi Gundams!

Holy case of Gundams.

That’s all folks 🙂

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