Akihabara Gundam Cafe and Bar

Necessary stop for a Gundam pilgrimage

17 November, 2010 by

A friend of mine who’s a big Gundam fan wanted to share his recent experience at the Gundam Cafe and Bar in Akihabara. With that idea in mind, he continued to snap away while visiting the anime shrine and returned with these first hand photos here.

Tokyo’s Akihabara is indeed a Mecca (pun intended) for Gundam fans. Around every corner you’ll find toy stores with entire floors dedicated to selling the famous robot’s model kits. We recommend that Akihabara and the Gundam Cafe be the last stop on your mecha pilgrimage, after the Gundam Crisis ride at Fuji-Q Highlands and the impressive full scale Gundam at Shizuoka, due to the stuff you’ll be carrying back.

Open now until U.C.0079.

Due to the long queue, and a limited menu during lunch. Gabriel and his wife decided against eating at the cafe. For those who wish to see what the cafe offers, an incomplete menu can be found here in English. The full menu in Japanese, here. The Gundam Cafe offers a wider choice of mains during its “Bar Time” hours between 5 – 11 PM.


There’s a goods store and a Gunplay-yaki shop beside the main cafe. The grilled pastries have the image of the first 1/144 scale Gundam Model imprinted on it. There are more flavors other than the ones pictured on the machine below.

Order here.

Hokkaido Azuki Bean Paste and Bacon Mayo set for 400 yen.

Gundam Cafe Haroll was all sold out.

Inside the shop, you’ll find more Gundam and Gundam Cafe inspired snacks and merchandise. Many of these goods are exclusive the the cafe’s shop such as the Gundam Cafe Cheese Pie Omiyage below. The waitresses at the cafe wear this outfit.


Gundam Gashapon outside.

The Gundam Cafe & Bar is located just across the road from Akihabara station.

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For more information, check out the official cafe site in English and Japanese.

Photos by Gabriel Kang.

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