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The most educational Korean girl group yet consist of five girls – Victoria, Sulli, Krystal, Amber and Luna. Even before debut, the group was much anticipated when they were first introduced as “Asia’s Pop Dance Group” by SM Entertainment. They were also given numerous other titles by netizens who were teased by SM Entertainment when they announced a member of the group each day for five consecutive days, with pictures and an introduction to each girl.

f(x) was formed by SM Entertainment in 2009, gaining attention with their debut single, La Cha Ta.

This promising girl group only caught my (and many others) attention, because of Krystal Jung, the younger sister of the ice-princess, Jessica Jung of SNSD. I wasn’t the only one to admit that she had a certain charm that Jessica didn’t. Maybe youth?

SM Entertainment definitely took advantage of the connection between these two groups. They had f(x) and SNSD both sing the same song, Chocolate Love, in their unique styles, which was used in the CF for a LG cellphone. With that, the fan base of both groups potentially doubled.

One prominent feature in each of their songs is how Amber raps in the middle or near the end of each song.

And here are some interesting facts about the girl group: Victoria and Amber are both Chinese. Sulli is the prettiest in the group, unquestionably and as mentioned earlier, Krystal is the sister of Jessica from the girl group SNSD.

Oh, and Amber looks like a guy.

Amber is probably the most outstanding member in the group, she is portrayed as the broad within the beauty in the group, dancing more masculine versions of the dance moves, wearing more masculine clothing and singing more boyishly than the other 4 members.

f(x) went on to release an extremely stylish single titled “Chu~♡” a few months after their first.

The MV is filled with stylish clothing, slick dance moves, and Sulli. The perfect combination for any good music video.

In conclusion, I’d say that f(x) has really made a good impression on me so far. Their personalities, dancing and how well they perform live have certainly moved me. The group’s music style was something my play list was missing for a long time. I can’t really explain how special the group is in words, but its a one of a kind girl group for sure, I mean, how many girl groups have half a guy?

And to end everything, here are some recent pictures of the girls.

Victoria is the leader of the girl group.

Sulli, now fresh talent for the music industry, was once a child actress.

Krystal doesn\’t really resemble her older sister much in looks in my opinion, but her voice does.

Luna with a creepy smile.

Amber can actually look quite feminine at times.

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