Dear Stage’s take on mainstream set to make waves?

25 December, 2012 by

If you’ve been following the feed over at my twitter, then you’ve likely heard a little about this idol group that has recently caught my attention, is brought to you by none other than Dear Stage, Akihabara’s most famous all-in-one underground idol live house, bar and agency. The same Dear Stage which we had previously interviewed two other artists, Yoshikawa Sunao and Sasakama Risuko from. (でんぱ組.inc) have been operating at Dear Stage as far back as 2008. The group’s name means something along the lines of “Radio Wave Group Inc” though it is officially transliterated as Like the other Dear Stage representatives, they perform regularly at the club in Akihabara both, alone and as a group.

Together, they’ve released a number of singles to date (including an interesting cover on the Beastie Boy’s Sabotage) and while not groundbreaking, do seem to be steadily growing in popularity.

Though they’ve made appearances at past years’ Tokyo Idol Festivals, it is their interesting new direction this year and especially their 6th and latest double A-Side single release W.W.D / Fuyu e to Hashiri Dasu o! that has finally made me pay notice., together with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

The first song W.W.D or World Wide Denpa is a seemingly nonsensical mix of hooks. Those still following the pop scene would definitely hear some similarities to the recent music from Momoiro Clover (Z) and there is good reason too.

A quick search informs us that had recently abandoned Lantis, to join forces with the TOY’S FACTORY label. With the change comes an image change, new members and a lot more pushing power, even if’s primary target audience will still inevitably dwell in Akihabara.

Two members to lookout for are Yumemi Nemu and Mogami Moga (bottom and top left in the above picture respectively). Were not the other members quite tall themselves, Nemu who stands at 1.7 meters would easily tower over them. The model and DJ bears a raspy voice reminiscent of Toyosaki Aki. Moga on the other hand is one of the group’s two new members and exudes a unique surreal charm.

One invaluable asset the group did earn from their stint with Lantis though was getting Maeyamada Kenichi on their side. We have him to thank for the familiar sound. Maeyamada (who gained internet celebrity status as “Hyadain”) provides arrangements for both Momoiro Clover Z and now

Dempagumi’s new song throws just about everything at you and while disorientating at first, W.W.D eventually becomes quite catchy indeed. It might not suit refined tastes, but it is this fresh new sound that has brought Momoiro Clover the extreme popularity they are enjoying in Japan now.

Fuyu e to Hashiri Dasu o! is the more straightforward idol song of the two. It’s a pleasant tune that is easy to listen to and the simpleness of the song helps it enter your head all the more easier. Probably not one for the lives though.

The music video for Fuyu e to Hashiri Dasu o! is special in that it uses bits of video recorded by the girls themselves on their iPhones, though it is quite apparent that the footage is not entirely candid. The concept is commendable however, as it makes for a nice, no frills video that suits the song quite well.

If you have the time to spare, do check out the two songs embedded above. Both tracks are rather catchy and will serve a suitable distraction from the typical idol formula. Thanks to TOY’S FACTORY, we also have access to the full length music videos for both songs on YouTube. If you wish to support these fledging artists though the physical copies of W.W.D / Fuyu e to Hashiri Dasu o! will be released on January 16 2013.

Personally, I’ve repeated the above two songs a good dozen times at least in the past week but am still not quite sure to make of the group. If any of our readers have any tidbits of information about Denpagumi do share below.

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