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The second hotel we stayed at was Chisun Inn Osaka Hommachi / Honmachi. We were attracted foremost to the cheap room rates and as reviews left for Chisun were all positive, we didn’t do much research on this hotel beforehand. It didn’t quite occur to us what a bargain we had gotten, until we checked into this hotel in the heart of Osaka.

As before, we had booked the hotel in advance online. Rooms go for about SGD$130 each through the hotel’s own site. But we managed to get an early bird special for this particular hotel at Agoda. The rooms ended up costing just $60 each. You can find the same booking page here.

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The hotel is conveniently located an equal 200 meters away from four different train stations. So by walking to the appropriate station you can take a train to almost anywhere within Osaka from here.

The hotel is located at a service street behind the more presentable buildings.

The neighborhood where the hotel is located is not too niffy either. It’s just behind the main streets of Minami Senba, which is the Osaka equivalent of Ginza. We were just a short walk away from an assortment of department stores, expensive boutiques and flagship outlets of popular designer brands. Other famous spots like Namba and Dotonbori were just one stop away or about a kilometer by foot.

Inside the room.

Despite, its low price. Comfort was not sacrificed at this hotel. The rooms were comparable in size to pricier business hotels in Tokyo, if not slightly larger. We were given rooms on the 5th floor, which were where the vending machines, washing machines and other amenities were located.

Dresser / Desk.

My only complain was that they do not distinguish between smoking or non-smoking rooms online. We were given the former. Yan and Wilson’s rooms both turned out fine but mine was a little smoky before I messed around with the AC/heater. It was fine after the first night though.


Like the room, the bed was clean and comfortable. Definitely an improvement from where we stayed at the night before. As standard in most hotels, the basic toiletries were refreshed each day, along with a clean bath robe, towels and a toilet mat. The prefabricated toilet was average sized and the staff ensured that it was pristine each day.


I guess when visiting Kansai, most would default to a tatami room in Kyoto. But I believe we made the smart choice and went with a hotel in Osaka. You may argue that modern facilities or even a bed are overrated but you can’t deny the fact that Osaka was where trains to all the other cities converged at. Staying at Kyoto would mean getting up 30 minutes earlier on days that we would visit Kobe, Nara or Hiroshima.

As more travelers are inclined to make Kyoto their base camp instead, this results in inflated lodging prices there too. My advice to those visiting the area, save yourself some trouble and money by staying in Osaka. And when you do, make Chisun Inn Osaka Hommachi one of the lodgings to consider.

Planning your holiday? We recommend visiting Agoda for a full list of hotels with early bird specials.

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