Chinatown New Year 2010

07 February, 2010 by

Visited Chinatown late last afternoon with MJ. I hardly ever go to Chinatown and this was my first time being there during the Lunar New Year. Pretty much knew it was going be swarming with people but apart from that, I didn’t really know what else to expect.

Kind of like a Chinese harajuku.

One of the many gaudy shops.

Paper laterns.

Bamboo shoots I think.

There were lots of packed shops selling treats.


Looks like Chinese Konyaku jellies.

Pickled plums.

Dried melon and pumpkin seeds.

Another one of many Mochi shops.

Boxed tangerines.

Nuts seller.

Various nuts and other dried goods for sale.

Dried herbs for sale. There was a stuffed toad and a crocodile.

Packed! The shops were giving away free mochi and jelly to attract customers.

Giving away samples.

This shop sold peanuts and melon seeds.

This guy was shouting something about how the other shops were selling fake jellies.

A really red shop.

Some kind of decoration.

Another red shop.

It was selling plastic flowers.

Colorful chopsticks.


The chopstick shop. They also sold stone combs.

Pretty pouches.

Another crowded street.

I have no idea what were these but they were really colorful.

Crystal globes. You could also etch your portrait into stone here.


You could make car plates with your name on it here. No doubt a popular souvenir.

Man selling balloons at the junction.


Another street. This one sold cooked food on one side and fruits on the other.

Roasted chestnuts.

The Pomelo is a symbol of prosperity for the Chinese.

Guy asking people to try his mushrooms.

He was cooking them in this pot.

Closeup of the Shiitake mushrooms. They were dried and sold in packs like this.

Shop selling dried meats.

Dried sausages were hung all over the shop.

They had whole ducks that were dried and waxed too.

A Buddhist temple at the end of the street.

People queuing for something behind the temple.

Laterns hung from the temple.

The end of the street.

By this point, we were really, really tired even though we were only walking for a couple of hours. I was all sweaty from pushing our way through the crowds. The sun wasn’t especially hot but the weather was really humid. Exhausted, we made our way out of Chinatown but we had to walk to our next destination that day. Thankfully the sun was setting soon.

Chinatown and surrounding shops.

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